What is the price of a private Arabic lesson?

What is the price of a private Arabic lesson?

You are determined to take private Arabic lessons. But how much do they cost? Before you start looking for your ideal Arabic teacher, you need to know the price of a private Arabic lesson .
The price of Arabic classes can vary a lot.

The price of an hour of class varies depending on several parameters: What is the price of a private Arabic lesson?

Geographic location
The teacher
The level of teaching
The type of class requested
The ubication
Unlike math or English, Arabic teachers are more rare to find depending on where you live, which can influence the price list.
The prices of the classes are usually a little more expensive in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but in general, on the Superprof platform, the prices range from € 10 to € 14 (on average).
If you live in the capital, find out about the rates for our Arabic courses in Madrid .

The proficiency level of the Arabic teacher: What is the price of a private Arabic lesson?

The price of an hour of class fluctuates depending on the level of the teacher and, therefore, their experience, which makes a lot of sense: the classes of a teacher whose mother tongue is Arabic a priori will be better than those of a student- professor who is studying at university.
In general, the teacher has a background of studies of at least three years higher than that of his student. It is a significant variable very sensitive to the price of the classes: the hourly rate of a class increases according to the level of knowledge.
The level taught
Obviously, the prices of the introductory Arabic classes will be lower than the advanced and conversational classes.
It is logical that classes are more expensive when they increase both the volume of knowledge to be transmitted and its difficulty. They will also go up in price when a very specific methodology has to be put into practice.
Some classes, therefore, can go up quite a bit in price.

The type of class

Finally, depending on the class that is requested, the prices also change. The market for private classes in Spain is very broad, as shown by the variety of classes available to students, from the cheapest to the most expensive:
Online Arabic Classes
Private classes at home
Intensive Arabic courses
Classes in a language school
Classes in a school support center
However, the price of an hour of Arabic class should not be the only selection criterion: not because it is more expensive, it has to be better, because we can find bad teachers at € 25 per hour, the same as € 10, and instead, find very good teachers at all prices. What matters is the human relationship, the exchange of knowledge between the student and his teacher.
So how can you find the Arabic teacher that suits you best?

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