What is VPN?

What is VPN?

What is VPN?

What is VPN?
What is VPN?

What is VPN? 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, & fourteen Eyes Countries – What you wish to understand


When talking regarding international intelligence-sharing agreements, things will get difficult quick.

These alliances might cause a risk to your privacy, however we’ll tell you specifically what you wish to try to guard your information and keep your on-line activity anonymous.

Find out below what these alliances area unit and the way they will have an effect on VPN users such as you. We’ve additionally enclosed a country-by-country guide to VPN jurisdictions.

What is VPN? What Is the 5-Eyes Alliance?

The 5 Eyes Alliance arose out of a chilly war era intelligence treaty known as the UKUSA Agreement. This was originally associate intelligence-sharing agreement between the u.  s. and therefore the kingdom aimed toward decrypting Soviet Russian intelligence.

By the late Nineteen Fifties, Canada, Australia, and New Island had additionally joined the Alliance. These 5 communicatory countries structure the 5 Eyes Alliance as we all know it nowadays. The intelligence-sharing agreement between these 5 countries has solely reinforced over time, because it has extended to police investigation of on-line activity.

For many years, this arrangement was a well-kept secret between the Iroquois League. Its existence wasn’t discovered by the general public till 2003. Things began to become clearer in 2013 when Edward Snowden leaked variety of documents that he obtained whereas operating as associate National Security Agency contractor.

These documents exposed widespread government police investigation of citizens’ on-line activity and contained proof that the international intelligence-sharing network is additional intensive than antecedently thought.

These 2 agreements, referred to as the 9 Eyes and Fourteen Eyes Alliances, might not be as integrated because the 5 Eyes Alliance, however they still have wide implications for web privacy.

What is VPN? Here could be a transient breakdown of every of the 3 Alliances:

Five Eyes: North American country, UK, Canada, Australia, New Island

Nine Eyes: 5 Eyes + Kingdom of Denmark, France, Holland, Norway

Fourteen Eyes: 9 Eyes + FRG, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain

The 9 Eyes and Fourteen Eyes Alliances area unit basically extensions of the initial 5 Eyes Alliance. Whereas these countries might not all share the maximum amount info with one another because the 5 Eyes Alliance, they still actively and volitionally participate in international intelligence-sharing.

In addition to those confirmed alliances, it’s additionally value mentioning another few countries that are caught or suspected of exchanging info with the Fourteen Eyes Alliance.

Third Party Contributors: Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea

What is VPN? How will this have an effect on VPN Users?

The intelligence-sharing practices of those countries have wide implications for web users and VPNs specifically. It’s safe to assume that if any of those fourteen nations gains access to your information on-line, your information will then be shared with different countries.

It all comes all the way down to WHO has jurisdiction over your on-line activity after you area unit employing a VPN. There area unit many layers to contemplate.

Is it your physical location? The server location? Or the VPN provider’s business location? If you actually need to be safe, it’s best to understand the laws and practices of all 3.

Knowledge is Power

You need to bear in mind of the web laws and laws of the country you reside in. as an example, is VPN use even legal in your country? In most cases, the solution is affirmative, however not continuously.

Another necessary thought is that the country wherever your VPN supplier is registered as a business. It’s powerfully suggested that you just don’t opt for a VPN supplier primarily based in a very country related to the Fourteen Eyes Alliance if you’re involved regarding on-line privacy.

Depending on the country it’s primarily based in, your VPN supplier may well be forced handy over info to the got regarding its users. This information might then be shared with different countries within the alliance. You’ll not even grasp that your privacy has been broken.

If you would like to be very cautious, you must even be acquainted with the police investigation practices of the country wherever the server you’re exploitation is found, notwithstanding the VPN provider’s business location.

Why No-Logs Policies area unit necessary

The many ways in which VPNs will constitute the jurisdiction of varied governments is why the most effective VPNs for privacy have strict no-logs policies. This suggests that they are doing not retain any reasonably distinctive info regarding their users or their on-line activity.

A great example of this policy in action comes from the well-known VPN supplier ExpressVPN’s. A Turkish investigating that concerned associate ExpressVPN’s user tried to compel the supplier handy over distinctive information.

Despite their best tries, authorities were unable to search out any distinctive info thanks to ExpressVPN’s strict no-logs policy.

As comforting as this story is, there also are better-known cases of VPN suppliers claiming to possess a no-logs policy WHO then gave out users’ sensitive info to government authorities.

It may not be enough for a VPN supplier to say to supply a no-logs policy, significantly for VPN suppliers that constitute the jurisdiction of nations within the 5 Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes Alliances.

Country-By-Country Guide to VPN Jurisdictions

This guide can assist you gain a higher understanding of the countries which will have jurisdiction over your on-line activity and VPN use.

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