What kind of physics teacher are you looking for for yourself or for your children?

What kind of physics teacher are you looking for for yourself or for your children?

What kind of physics teacher are you looking for for yourself or for your children?

What profiles of physics teachers can I find?
Should you trust a self-taught physics teacher?
What are the advantages of hiring a private teacher?
What to ask our future physics teacher?

“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” – Albert Einstein: What kind of physics teacher are you looking for for yourself or for your children?

Private classes are a highly demanded service among Spanish students. Especially in secondary school, the number of young people who begin to have difficulties with a subject is considerable and decide to prevent their academic record from getting worse by signing up for private classes.
The objective of the private classes is to help a student to deepen their knowledge of a certain subject in a personalized way. Either because the student is not able to keep up with the course, has doubts in some subjects, wants to improve his level or wants to learn more about a subject.
The big question is: how to choose a physics teacher? What kind of teacher best suits my needs? What training should the physics teacher have? Are individual or small group classes better?
In this article we will try to answer these and other questions so that you can find your ideal physics teacher.

What profiles of physics teachers can I find?: What kind of physics teacher are you looking for for yourself or for your children?

The number of students who successfully complete their academic journey without ever having received private lessons in any subject is incredibly low. English and mathematics have been, for decades, the subjects most in demand among ESO students, which is why in practically all towns and cities there are English and mathematics academies.
And physics classes? Many mathematics teachers also teach Physics and Chemistry for ESO students. However, not all areas have specialized teachers. We recommend that you check private tutoring search platforms such as Superprof to see the availability of teachers in your area .

What mysteries do the stars hold?

Depending on the autonomous community and the educational center, the first contact with physics as a subject can occur at different levels of ESO, but the most common is that it is through the Physics and Chemistry subject of 3rd ESO. Then they can choose whether to continue with this subject or not.
The Physics and Chemistry course gives young people a basic scientific culture , as well as transversal skills, such as reasoning, logic and analysis.
If the student is not good at mathematics, they will most likely have difficulties with physics, since there are also problems to be solved and calculations to be made. As we have mentioned, there are private math teachers who also teach physics , so if you already go to private math classes and you like how the teacher teaches classes, feel free to ask if they also teach physics.
On the contrary, if you have never been to private classes and you consider that you need a private physics teacher, it is time to stop and reflect on what you are looking for and compare the different teacher profiles.
The academies can offer you different modalities for private classes: group classes, classes in small groups, individualized classes, displacement of the teacher to your home or online classes .
We recommend that you visit platforms that connect teachers and students , such as Superprof. In Superprof you can find a teacher of any subject (physics, French, guitar, yoga …) anywhere in Spain. When you search, you will see available teachers near you. By clicking on their profile you can see their training and experience, their methodology, the opinions of other students, the rates they offer … everything you need to know!

What are the profiles of teachers that you will meet?

Physicists who have completed a teacher training : these are people who have completed the Degree in Physics or related careers and later have completed the University Master’s Degree in teacher training for compulsory secondary education and high school, professional training and language teaching , commonly known as master’s degree in teaching staff.
Physicists who, in addition to having their work, give private classes.
Researchers who give private reinforcement classes.
University students from a science degree.

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