What salary do Latin teachers have?

What salary do Latin teachers have?

Latin Teachers Salary
Is teaching Latin in front of a class your goal? It’s possible!

From high school teacher to full professor,  the salary of a Latin teacher can vary drastically, as many criteria come into play, such as seniority or the way of teaching.

For example, the salary of a secondary school teacher is made up of a base salary, which is 1109 euros per month in all Autonomous Communities, plus certain supplements that make the minimum salary between 25,000 and 35,000 euros per year (that is, between € 2,000 and € 3,000 per month).

As for academics, a university professor professor has a salary of between 3,000 and 6,000 euros per month, while a university professor holder may charge a € 2000 monthly, but can increase your salary merit.

On the other hand, there are the interim holders , who charge about 1000 euros per month, and the assistant professors, doctors and associates , who, depending on the number of hours of teaching, have a very low salary that includes between 300 and 700 euros.

To these salaries can be added, depending on each case, the so-called three-year (for seniority as a civil servant), five-year (for teaching) and six-year (for research). The quantities involved are:

  • For three years: about € 40 / month.
  • For five years: about € 120 / month.
  • Per six-year term: about € 120 / month.

As for the salary of a private Latin teacher , the figure can vary quite a bit. By enrolling in face-to-face and online class platforms such as Superprof, the average price of a Latin class is around € 12, depending on the prestige and quality of the teacher’s profile. If you teach 25 hours of class in a week, you can charge € 1200, but obviously it is an estimate, you have to know how to adapt and find regular customers. Cheer up!

Whether you want to be a high school teacher, college professor, or private tutor, being a Latin teacher is a very honorable career choice , putting general culture on a pedestal and giving  students the power to integrate into the world with culture as an ally. Their future is in your hands! What salary do Latin teachers have?

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