Do you want to work at the Post Office? To get a fixed place in one of the administration, distribution, customer service or classification positions, you will have to pass the oppositions to the Post Office. We tell you all the information about how to work in the public company of Correos.


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What is Correos?: What should I do to work at the Post Office?

Currently, Correos is the largest public company in Spain with more than three centuries of history and in which more than 50,000 people work.

Its original name is the State Post and Telegraph Society . As their name suggests, they are in charge of the administration and distribution of the majority of postal mail in Spain. In addition, with the boom in electronic commerce, a large part of the shipments are made by Correos.

Correos with more than 2,000 offices spread over cities and towns throughout Spain. In addition, the virtual post office handles a large number of requests for the management of postal shipments.

Over the years, Correos has been modernizing and digitizing. Today it has the support of companies that derive from it:

  • Correos Nexea : offers multichannel solutions for communication of companies and SMEs.
  • Express Mail : express parcel service.
  • Correos Telecom : in charge of telecommunications throughout the Correos company.

What positions exist in the Post Office?: What should I do to work at the Post Office?

Within the organization of each Post Office there are different positions with specific functions and responsibilities. For each post there are specific competitions.

  • Customer service : it is the staff who is in charge of all the paperwork of the clients in the post offices. They carry out very diverse tasks from the admission of shipments, delivery of products and services in the branch network, in addition to all the functions related to the correct attention to the public and management of the products and services of Correos.
  • Administration : They are in charge of administrative tasks and processes, the documentation of their area and the telephone service of internal and external clients, among other tasks.
  • Agent and classification : In this area the staff is in charge of all the classification tasks of the shipments both manually and automatically.
  • Delivery staff : this position is in charge of all the tasks necessary for the delivery and distribution of products to customers, whether they are postal materials, telegraphs, packages, and all kinds of correspondence. In addition, in this position there are 2 distribution ranges.

The delivery personnel 1 handles distribution tasks motorized (motorbikes or cars) in urban or rural areas , and delivery personnel 2 performing the cast on foot.

To be able to work in any of the 4 areas that we have mentioned, you will have to pass specific and provincial examinations for that post.

Advantages of working in Correos: What should I do to work at the Post Office?

Correos employees are not civil servants, but work personnel . They do not have the same advantages as civil servants but they do have many similar ones, such as:

  • Successfully passing the oppositions of the Post Office will provide you with a fixed position   and financial stability .
  •  Salary increases based on seniority, extra pay, etc.
  • Working hours from Monday to Friday and a 37.5-hour week.
  • 40 annual days of vacation and own affairs .

Requirements to work at the Post Office

As in all competitive examinations and positions in the public administration, to work at Correos you must meet a series of general requirements for all positions and some specific to the job for which they are competing. In general, to work in Correos you must comply with:

  • Spanish nationality or that of one of the Member States of the European Union.
  • Minimum age of 18 years and less than retirement age.
  • Minimum Obligatory Secondary Education qualification, in addition to the qualification required for the position you want to apply for.
  • Lack of a file in the Post Office with misdemeanors or expulsion.
  • Not having been disqualified for any public function.

What do I have to do to work in the post office?

In order to be eligible for a fixed position in one of the Post Office jobs, you will have to pass a competitive examination call for Post Office Personnel that is published in each Province to cover the specific personnel needs of each Province.

The oppositions to Correos consist of a series of tests in which you will have to show that you are qualified to fill one of the posts of Correos. For this you must prepare each test well, only then can you successfully pass your oppositions to the Post Office.

The way that will give you the best guarantee will be to prepare yourself is through a specific course of Post Office exams, since you will be able to study an updated, corrected and revised syllabus by professionals, practice with real tests and let yourself be guided by teachers who want you to get your objective: to approve the opposition.

Fixed Labor Personnel of Post and Telegraphs

Campus Training

Fixed Labor Personnel of Post and Telegraphs

What are the oppositions to the Post Office?

Correos oppositions consist of two main parts:

Common test : 50 general questions of the program + 10 psychotenic questions. This test must be completed in a maximum of 55 minutes.

Specific test : 40 questions associated with the program + delivery or customer service test.

How to work at the Post Office unopposed?

In addition to the competitive examination system, there is another way of working at the Post Office. You can access it through the Post Office Job Bank .

This Job Bank offers temporary positions that are published in different calls and can help you to gather positive qualifications that add up in your call for opposition.

It is an option that will allow you to start working in Correos more quickly but will not offer you the same attractive features as working in Correos through an examination. You will not have your fixed place but you will make a temporary contract for a specific position.

Through the Job Bank you can apply to fill vacancies due to sick leave, vacations or even seasonal work peaks. What should I do to work at the Post Office?