Where to learn biology in Malaga

Where to learn biology in Malaga

Private biology classes in Malaga

As in other Spanish cities, in Malaga you will find a considerable offer of private biology classes. There are dozens of teachers in this city waiting to share their passion for this science with you.

You can choose to search for private teachers in Malaga through the Internet or go directly to academies that teach biology classes.

Degree in biotechnology and pharmacy
In biology you will study all kinds of living things.


Adestudios is an academy that offers an infinity of courses. They help you for practically any subject and at any level, whether you are in high school, high school or pursuing a degree. He has specialized courses in design, science and languages; do not hesitate to stop by the academy to find out about biology classes.

Andalusia Avenue Teaching Academy

Classes for primary, ESO, high school and training cycles. They help you prepare for the selectivity and official language exams (English and French). If you need help in several subjects, going to this type of academy, where they can help you with different subjects, is the best option.

Malaga University

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Malaga offers the Degree in Biology , which provides you with specific training in the life sciences. Likewise, you can also take the Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology , the Master in Advanced Biotechnology or the Master in Biological Diversity and Environment. Where to learn biology in Malaga

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