Which version of PHP to use for WordPress

Which version of PHP to use for WordPress

WordPress is a CMS ( Content Management System or content management system) that allows users to create a website without knowing web programming. Blog, website, portfolio… There are many options and templates available to customize a page. But the options are not always enough and some users prefer to  add their touch by modifying the base code .

How to update PHP version in WordPress
The PHP language is used to code WordPress sites.

The language of WorPress is the PHP language, so you can introduce some lines of PHP code in the structure of your site to modify it as you like using some plugins . But what version of PHP to use ?

There are many versions of PHP and there are still many modifications in the PHP universe. Currently,  the latest version is 7 , but it continues to experience improvements.

Therefore, WordPress strongly recommends that users use this latest version to  enjoy maximum security and functionality  in computer programming. To change your version,  the SG Optimizer plugin  will help you complete the update steps.

To do this, your site’s plugins and template must be updated to be compatible with the latest version of PHP and to avoid bugs or errors.

You must update the PHP version once a year.  This will ensure that your website works like that of a real computer technician. Remember it!

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