Why choose a personal trainer?

Why choose a personal trainer?

What role can a personal trainer play in your daily life? Its duties?: Why choose a personal trainer?

First of all, let’s see what a personal trainer is . They are a fitness or physical exercise professional  , who has a qualification in physical activity, who can prescribe exercises, who motivates and who establishes goals in an individualized way based on the physical condition and the objectives of the person to the one who trains.
At the end of the day, the objective of  personal coaching (or personal training) is to guide the user with all the resources that the professional has to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time, always looking for the effectiveness and safety of the user , without involving any risk to anyone.
With personal advice, the physical condition desired by the client can be achieved, even improving the cardiac and respiratory capacity of the user.

What advantages does personal training offer?

Thanks to the personal trainer , you will not throw in the towel so easily and quickly because you will not lack the will to do sports. This will help you get more  motivation .
The consistency that a personal trainer offers does not deserve little attention either. The constant and consistent training program allows you to get the best results while investing as little time as possible.
Improvement of the user’s technique , by taking care of the posture and avoiding vices, overcoming the possible obstacles that are found along the way, so that the user himself learns to design his own programs in the future and train without having to perform a Follow up with a personal trainer.
By taking care of the user’s physical condition and taking into account that it is a personalized training, the personal trainer will allow the user to work in a safe way .
Once you know what a personal trainer is, you have to make the decision to choose one, who commits to you to provide you with personalized and adapted support, but what should you take into account when knowing which one to choose?
Difficult to start doing sports again …
If you go to a personal trainer at home , the sessions will certainly be more expensive, but he will travel to your home, just to offer his services to you.
And that is the first advantage: unlike group classes in which identical series of exercises are dispensed for everyone, in the case of classes at home, the personal trainer adapts to you , your needs, your past sports.
Having a personal trainer also offers comfort and time savings: he travels to your house and saves you from having to resort to crowded gyms at 7 in the morning.
Just move some furniture and the living room will become a gym. Your coach will take care of bringing the necessary material and you will only have to get into the shower when the session ends, without having to transport all your toiletries.
Another important aspect is to make you work safely .

For this, your personal trainer has received specialized training:

either through a university degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, with four years of study after high school,
or through professional training with a medium or higher level Sports Technician qualification (such as the title of technician in Conducting Physical-Sports Activities in the Natural Environment).
Thanks to these titles, the future coach receives a diploma that gives him the right to practice as a coach. Most of the time, coaches expand their competencies in specialized fields of high-level sport and health.
Thanks to this knowledge in areas related to health, and especially thanks to the good postures that must be taken during the exercise of the activity, your personal trainer will help you to pursue and fight for your goals. In fact, they are a sports professional and their role is to tell you what you should or should not do. For example:
If your session includes sit-ups, avoid putting your feet under furniture, with your legs straight: this is the best way to hurt your back.
On the contrary, if you do cardio, feel free to eat more protein in order not to lose muscle mass when you lose weight.
Sometimes, it is hard to start exercising, but think that you will improve your physical condition thanks to personal training.
The advice that your coach offers you is important and requires specialized training, hence the advantage of choosing a good sports coach through Superprof .
Lastly, the personal trainer should be a source of inspiration. By concentrating on you exclusively, he will give you the best advice so that you achieve your goal and above all so that it lasts over time. You can also set new goals for yourself in relation to your progress and the evolution of your needs:
Make you work certain parts of the body in particular such as shoulders, arms, buttocks, thighs …
After losing weight, gaining muscle mass, getting fit, muscle definition, etc.
Learn to set up your own exercise programs
Simply learn to eat and design your own diets.
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