Why teach tutoring classes?

What qualities are necessary to teach tutoring classes?

Why teach tutoring classes?

The first thing to think about: your personal motivations for teaching support classes . ¿ Why give private tutoring classes ?

There is, of course, the material, financial reason. The pay tied to home classes can be attractive and is an interesting reason in itself. But that is not enough: the teacher who is only interested in money would obtain unconvincing results with his students and, above all, he would quickly tire of a professional activity that does not suit his personality.
No,  school support is first and foremost a human experience in itself. It is the reason why young people leave every year, altruistically, out of generosity, to do humanitarian missions in countries of Africa, Asia or South America to help children.

How much can you earn by giving private lessons?

Therefore, to be successful as a private teacher, you have to mix both aspects (the taste for human educational relationships and a good remuneration) to keep your feet on the ground and practice a viable profession.
This is the key to personal development , which will reflect spontaneously in the elementary and middle school students you teach. Why teach tutoring classes?

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