Women’s boxing: a success when it comes to losing weight

Women's boxing: a success when it comes to losing weight

Women’s boxing: a success when it comes to losing weight

Practice boxing to vent and sculpt your body.: Women’s boxing: a success when it comes to losing weight

Starting from the practices of the pankration and boxing, dating back a few centuries, boxing has become an ancient sport that is part of martial arts , as well as aikido , judo or taekwondo. A boxer (or female boxer) must have full control of her movements (foot and fist), to perform precise and effective movements.
Hitting is not enough, as you must always have a goal in mind.
Since the efforts of a boxing training for women are intense , it is considered that boxing for weight loss can also be a goal. Why? Simply because, even if you are a beginner, boxing will allow you to build muscle very quickly, thanks to training exercises with weights or dumbbells.
Better than Pilates, Zumba or gymnastics, boxing allows you to lose weight quickly , but also lose weight in a sustainable way. Thanks to muscle strengthening, you will gain flexibility, which, in turn, will allow you to be more resistant to the blow of your opponent. On the other hand, stretching will help you improve your shot … Three sports activities in one , it’s worth an hour or two in the ring to sculpt the body, right?

In truth, boxing has many virtues:

Get in general shape.
Sculpt a dream body.
Losing arms or hips.
Improve cardio.
Thanks to certain variants , you can focus on a training program adapted to weight loss, with, for example, sweat boxing which, as its name suggests, will make you sweat a lot!
In general, this sport will help you get into good physical condition: between warming up, stretching, wrestling or training with punching bags, you will quickly put your body into a frenetic pace!
Doing boxing to lose weight is like everything: matter of mind! And any master in the dojo will tell you that.

Differentiate female boxing and male boxing in combat sports

Man versus woman in the ring: the same passion.
Between strategy, tactics or aggressiveness, without a doubt, you wonder what distinguishes women’s boxing from men’s boxing. Normal, because men’s boxing is advertised more often than women’s boxing: it is easier to quote a world champion than a professional boxer. Therefore, it is important to know the advantages of female boxing , especially compared to male boxing. Similar sports disciplines, but with different stories and goals.
Boxing is a part of combat sports for good reason: in addition to some variants that can be practiced with bare hands, most are performed with specific boxing equipment , for men and women. We find, for example, the following essential elements:
Boxing gloves
Tooth protectors
Boxing boots
Shin pads
Boxing shorts
Boxing helmet
Coquilla (for men, of course)
Accessories: punching bag, punching ball, rope …
The practitioners of this sport are mostly men (65% of those registered in the Spanish Federation), but it all depends on the type of boxing. Therefore, female and male boxing have their peculiarities.
The men are real competitors, like Mayweather or Mike Tyson, heavyweights who rush to attack their opponent. Kung fu, kick, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) … they prefer intense contact sports.
For this, intensive physical preparation is necessary : weight lifting, bodybuilding, diet, everything is good to become the best of fighters.
Women are great competitors too: with champion Myriam Lamare in 2004. It was the first year that women’s boxing was featured at the Olympics.
However, 80% of women report doing educational or recreational boxing , that is, with an emphasis on other disciplines, such as fitness , self-defense or running .
While for men, the goal is still victory in the ring, for women, victory lies in other aspects: losing volume, losing weight, toning, sculpting the body, being more dynamic … There are so many objectives … However, they are as valid as the victories obtained in the ring.

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