Would you like to learn boxing?

Would you like to learn boxing?

Would you like to learn boxing?


When you hear the word “boxing,” do you come up with images of boxing stars like Mohamed Ali, Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson, or Floyd Mayweather?
Do not worry! That does not mean that they are going to destroy you and leave you lying on the ground, but that it is time to start boxing.
To help you decide whether or not to take those boxing classes that you think so much about, we are going to discover together the great history of Noble Art, the different ways of learning to box, the techniques (English, French, Thai boxing , shadow boxing , among others) and the famous phrases of your favorite boxers.

Everything you need to know before boxing: Would you like to learn boxing?

Boxing is a sport of rare physical, athletic and psychological complexity. So it is time to see how this discipline of punches (and sometimes kicks) is such a noble art: gloves, a ring, training with the pear, a bag, uppercut hooks or jab .
It is true that boxing has been a sport that has allowed women and men to stay in clubs for decades, but the martial art has stood out in recent years. Whether it is to improve your physical condition, to get some abs of steel, or to strengthen your fists and know how to defend yourself, it is a very complete sport. For all this, it has gained more and more followers.

Give boxing classes: Would you like to learn boxing?

The fitness world has appropriated the Noble Art, not to put bodybuilders in the ring, but to take advantage of the sport. In fact, boxing is known to be one of the most comprehensive and physically toughest disciplines in the world.
This is how we saw the beginning a few years ago of “shadow boxing” or “cross boxing”, a kind of cross between crossfit and boxing. Today they are often found in gyms and other fitness clubs.
With what objective? To have boxers fighting against nothing, against a ball or a pear. Never with an opponent defending himself. This is how boxers end up with nice muscle definition.

Boxing: the sport you were looking for: Would you like to learn boxing?

Boxers are often said to be complete athletes because not only do they have to train only their arms with fists and hooks, but they also have to train for hours. In addition, they must do the following:
– Work endurance by jogging and other cardiovascular exercises to be able to maintain an entire fight of 8, 10 or 12 rounds in the ring.
-Working the legs to be able to move in the ring and destabilize the opponent with the feet like Sugar Ray Robinson’s.
-Use the abs to take hits in the stomach and dodge fast.
-Have the upper part of the body, back, shoulders and arms muscled to receive blows and gain more power.

The benefits of boxing

Whether it’s boxing alone against a bag or in a ring with an opponent, boxing has many advantages that help us stay fit and healthy.
On the one hand, in addition to being one of the physical exercises where the whole body works the most (from head to toe), it is one in which the most calories are burned. Boxing is an aerobic workout and one study estimates that around 700 calories are burned.
On the other hand, not only does it improve self-esteem by practicing it regularly and having more personal satisfaction, but it also increases reflexes, since it improves coordination, reflexes and speed.
However, boxing helps release stress. Today, we live on accumulated tensions. With aerobic sport endorphins are released and brings a feeling of happiness and well-being.

How to choose your personal boxing trainer?

As you may already know, at Superprof we have a wide variety of professionals willing to help you improve or learn to box.
On our platform you will see all the teachers with their personal characteristics, level, hourly rate, location, etc. All you need is to filter your search and choose the one that best suits you.
However, you do not need to choose a professional wrestling boxer if you want to learn a few tricks and then practice them in your gym. Each one has their level, their needs and abilities. Therefore, our recommendation is to know well what you are looking for and what you demand of yourself. After that, you can contact the teacher.
Anyway, most of our teachers on the website offer the first trial class totally free to see if you adapt to each other and you like the way they teach the class.
Regarding the material you need for your first class, don’t worry because the professional you connect with will specify exactly what you need to get started. Only one thing is essential: have a lot of desire and be highly motivated to start boxing!

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