YouTube competition

YouTube competition

YouTube competition

YouTube competition
YouTube competition

In some countries it is not the favorite of the new generations

In this article we will see what this social network with a lot of video drive is about, whose main attraction is that it pays money to its users just for creating an account.

What is YouTube?: YouTube competition

It is a live stream social network, whose difference has what I like the most about social networks:

  • Totally organic: There is no advertising or purchase of space so people are really interested in you.
  • Gamified: That is, it has fun features to achieve goals and rewards.
  • Dialogue prevails over content or production.
  • You can generate income immediately.

The value that this network brings is very great since everyone feels heard and included in the transmissions.

It has existed since 2011 but it was not until 2014 that it began to gain popularity.

It is a fact that YouNow personalities were not born there as the level of discovery is low. Its popularity lies mainly in the traction and call generated by people from other networks.

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 How to use YouTube?: YouTube competition

You register and create your profile, simple like Instagram. Without so much information and interests, you just follow your favorite broadcasters.

The application or your browser will send you a notification every time there is a new transmission. Once the broadcast starts, things get interesting:

You will first notice that the format is vertical, which favors mobile devices. You also have the typical chat box but this is different from other live ones. This chat if you can regulate it, the same platform does not allow you to make continuous comments, so you can respond to your audience and make them part of the content very easily.

Bar value on YouTube: YouTube competition

The most interesting part is the rewards it gives, it is all about the gold bars since they can be exchanged for real money or improved functionalities, of course if you exchange them for money the site keeps a small percentage.

A gold bar costs an average of 0.0076 cents on the dollar and is bought in packages of 280, 540, 1200 …

When you are in the video you can give bars to the creator, from 100, 200, 300, etc. You can also give “packages” like the blue like that contains 120 bars or the unicorn that contains 250. Why simply give 5000 bars if you can wrap them inside a dolphin emoji?

You can give gold bars in different ways

The people who give the most bars to Younger appear at the top in the chat as the best fans of the transmission, this gives them the right to put more comments and not disappear in the course, remaining highlighted at the top.

Free bars on YouTube

The bars you give away can be recovered by making your own “live” although you must meet certain requirements like these to be able to withdraw the value of your bars.

You can also earn bars by commenting, interacting, and inviting your contacts to watch other live broadcasts.

But you will tell me, “who the hell would buy virtual bars to be giving them away” well …

Political Animal Source

With roulette for 200 bars you can win a package and give it to the broadcaster, this is good since with little you always get something quite big for the person behind the scenes. The benefit is always gaining prominence.

The application allows you to extract or record the piece of video you want from the transmission and keep it.

Your channel is very simple to manage, it is a newsfeed where you save the most relevant video extracts of your transmissions, your followers can do the same, not the entire transmission is saved but only extracts.

YouTube competition

Like any social network, it has a search engine, hashtags and trends very much like Twitter, but also a top of the users with the most audience in your language and around the world.

YouTube competition

If you have not joined this social network, it is because you have not found who to follow or you have not added value but most likely you feel that it is too Zentenial a social network, full of little colors and buttons.

It’s a lie, it has a lot less functions and colors than Facebook and is hundreds of times easier and more intuitive to use.

It has a clear differentiator, it is simple to use and it gives you total control over the chat, the most important thing is that here the audience is always read, which is impossible on other platforms.

If you like technology topics, digital trends and Community management, follow me on YouNow because we will soon be doing dynamics on this network.

You can register here now and receive a prize of gold bars and do The YouTube competition.


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