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Know the price of German classes
Find the organism that suits your needs
Choosing your German teacher
Get the most out of your German classes
Despite appearances, a language can be  learned  at any age! First of all, by learning a foreign language or  improving your level  you can increase your cognitive abilities. On the other hand, whether you are a student or a worker, you can more easily develop your professional career.
As German is the most widely spoken language in Europe,  learning Goethe’s language or improving your level will be very useful.
Do you want to  take German classes, but don’t know where to start? By following these steps, you will find the German classes that suit you best.

Know the price of German classes: Improve your German by attending classes with a teacher

When you want to take private German lessons, you quickly realize that the offer is very wide, so you can feel overwhelmed by the  different options.
How to know the price of a German class?
Furthermore,  the prices of German classes can vary greatly from teacher to teacher. This difference in prices is mainly justified by  the level of German of the teachers.

With a student or a native German

There are many  German students  (or bilingual or who have a good level of the language) who offer their services to  provide private lessons.  Germans living in Spain are also encouraged to place their advertisements.
But being German teachers is not their job. Therefore, the price of your classes will be lower than that of a certified teacher. Their German classes  may be less academic, but that doesn’t mean they are bad teachers. Quite the opposite!
Whether you are  a student who needs private lessons  or an adult who wants to get up to speed with German, these amateur teachers will know how to identify your weak points to work on them. They will help you improve your German with fun and enjoyable exercises.
The fees charged by non-professional German teachers  vary from € 10 to € 22 per hour.
With an experienced teacher
There are many experienced German teachers who offer to teach German in Spain  to beginners and not so beginners. They can practice as private teachers part-time or full-time.
They know  the techniques to learn  grammar, vocabulary, declensions or conjugations and the exercises they propose are effective.
Talk to your teacher to make progress in German.
If you just need to speak more fluently,  you will have  conversations in German  and your teacher will suggest you do audio exercises.
Their rates can vary from € 13 to € 28 per hour. Prices for classes for teachers with only two or three years of experience may be slightly lower.

German lessons online

You also have other options if you want to progress in German. In fact, with the development of the Internet, many websites for learning German have appeared  .
Some offer free online classes, while others charge a kind of monthly fee, like Babbel. In this case, the price is decreasing, that is, the  longer you want to take these German classes online , the less you pay. As for the German platforms, or modern languages ​​in general, that offer free lessons, in them you will have access to German lessons, interactive exercises, etc.
Going online to  learn German online  can be useful not only for self-taught, but also for those who want to supplement their private German lessons  online .
Find the organism that suits your needs
If you decide to  learn German with private lessons,  you will quickly notice the many organizations that offer them . Therefore, you have to know what options there are to choose the one that best suits you.

The Goethe Institut

Due to the commercial relations that exist between both countries, Germany is a country that has  a strong presence in Spain.
The Goethe  Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its main objective is to spread the German language abroad and there are offices in several Spanish cities.
They offer  many varied options adapted to the level of each student: courses for young people, courses for adults, intensive courses during the holidays, German courses in Madrid , preparation courses for a German exam … The list is very long!
Join an intensive German course during the holidays.
In general,  these courses are quarterly and do not exceed 16 participants.

School support platforms

On the Internet you can find many platforms dedicated to private classes, such as Your Private Classes or HomEducation.
In general, the professors who are admitted to these platforms must accredit their experience and their studies . In some, you will have to pay a registration fee.
Other platforms have also emerged recently that offer German classes. Superprof, for example, is in charge of connecting German teachers and students.
Teachers can be students, graduates or bilingual. After paying a single € 19 to put him in contact with the teacher, the student can negotiate the price of the classes directly with the teacher. Superprof does not keep any commission on the price of the classes.
German schools
To learn to speak German,  you can also choose  to study in Germany.  In fact, many German universities offer language courses for foreigners, often during the holidays.
Go study at a German university to improve your level!
In addition to living  a total immersion in the country of Goethe, you  will improve your fluency in speaking daily and discover the rich German culture.
In Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt, there are many schools that offer these courses. There are also many Humboldt institutes throughout Germany that offer intensive German courses for  quick learning.

Choosing your German teacher

When you want to find out about the best way to learn German,  do not forget that the teacher is an essential part of learning, so you must follow certain steps to  find the German teacher that best suits your needs and your study plan .
Identify your needs
First of all, you have to know what your level is. Are you a beginner and have never spoken German? Do you want to improve especially your written expression? Do you have a lot of German vocabulary and just want to speak more fluently?

How to find the German teacher of your dreams?

Write down  your German skills,  your academic and professional background and your needs regarding your German language learning on a piece of paper. This will help you to see your expectations clearer so that you can better explain them to your teacher.
Write down the qualities you want your teacher to have
You have to find a German teacher to help you progress. However, a teacher who is perfect for someone may not be perfect for someone else.
Private classes are  a personalized learning method, so you should make a list of the qualities and what you expect from your future teacher. It is a necessary step to find the one that suits you best.
If you think you need academic classes, with  many German exercises, it is probably more convenient for you to turn to a qualified teacher. On the contrary, if you want to learn the German language and its culture and practice the oral part a lot, it may be better to turn to a non-professional teacher who has German as their mother tongue.

Think about the practical aspect of the classes

You also have to think about the practical side of your German classes.
To do this, you have to define the schedule in which you will be completely free, since obviously the teacher will also have to be available during those hours.
Afterwards, it is convenient that you organize a space for study in your home , since private classes are usually taught at the student’s home. Take the opportunity to order and clean your desk.
As the teacher will go to your home, it is recommended that you choose a teacher who lives in  the geographic area close to your home.

Follow your instincts: Improve your German by attending classes with a teacher

Above all, it is important  that you follow your instincts  to find the ideal German teacher for you. In fact, to improve in German,  you have to be comfortable with your teacher.
So if during the first class, you do not feel that there is a feeling between the two, continue with your search! You have to learn German in the best possible conditions.

Get the most out of your German classes

When you have finally found the ideal body and teacher for you, you have to make  your personal investment move  you forward.

Attention and rigor during classes

First of all, it is necessary that during the classes you are as attentive and rigorous as possible . Attention is in fact the main quality to have when you want to learn a foreign language.
Ask your German teacher all the necessary questions during the classes and turn off your mobile phone. Pay attention to the lessons and exercises and underline with different colors to highlight important concepts.

Ask for feedback after each class: Improve your German by attending classes with a teacher

Many teachers offer it spontaneously, but if this is not the case, feel free to  ask your teacher for feedback after each class.
Usually sent by email, it will allow you to  track your progress in German  and find out what goals you have already achieved, which is very motivating.
You will also be able to see what you have to improve for the next class and the teacher usually adds tips and suggestions for exercises in German.

Review daily: Improve your German by attending classes with a teacher

Consistency is the key to learning German, so you have to review the lessons your teacher teaches you daily to improve effectively.
Feel free to  supplement your learning by watching German films in VO,  reading the German press or watching YouTube videos in German.
If you have the opportunity to  practice your German  with a bilingual, all the better! All the options are good to get the most out of your learning and become an expert in the German language!

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