If 2021 is the year of something at work, that is the one of the infinite meetings by video call or voice calls. And one thing that has not changed is the very poor quality of computer webcams and microphones, so it is always a good idea to buy a better quality webcam and microphone.

That may sound like a lot to you, but the change in a better quality camera and microphone is immense. If you are looking for a microphone that can be used both to make better calls and even to record a podcast or videos , with these external microphones you have options to choose from.

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These microphones have different functionalities, designs and prices, that is why we will indicate to you what use it is most suitable for. but any of them will give you a quality improvement in terms of sound.

If you want to record your first podcast, these microphones will help you, you will even find some of the most used in the podcast world and of high quality for very reasonable prices.

You can get them all on Amazon with free shipping, but if you want them to be sent to you with free and fast shipping, you should sign up for Amazon Prime . You will have a 30-day free trial and up to 3 months if you are a student .

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The most famous: Blue Yeti: 5 cheap microphones for video calls and podcasts

Blue yeti


Blue Yeti Microphone
Blue yeti

Microphone with 3 capsules that can record in 4 modes: cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional and stereo. Perfect for streaming on Twitch or YouTube and for recording podcasts with the best quality.

This microphone must be one of the most widely used podcast microphones in the world. Blue Yeti is one of those microphones that are good for absolutely everything, calls, recording videos, recording podcasts or whatever comes to mind.

It has a USB connection and recording in four patterns (cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo) that you choose directly from the software. This way you can choose in what way you want the audio to be recorded.

It is a versatile microphone, easy to transport and that you can find on Amazon for 139 euros .

For all audiences: Marantz Professional MPM-1000: 5 cheap microphones for video calls and podcasts

Marantz Professional MPM-1000


Get the Marantz Professional MPM-1000 microphone for 48 euros

If you are looking for a microphone for all kinds of uses and that has great sound quality for a price that is not bad at all, this Marantz Professional MPM-1000 is one of the options to consider.

Its price is very tight, on Amazon you can get it for 48 euros with a 20% discount already applied.

It has a unidirectional cardiode mic capsule, so it focuses on the voice in front of it, not above, not behind or to the sides. Head on. Therefore, perfect for recording a person’s voice in live broadcasts, podcasts or games, not so much for interviews or for more than one person.

Includes a windbreaker, shock absorber, and a small desktop tripod. Also, this microphone uses an XLR cable, so you will need to have an audio interface .

For every budget: Amazon Basics condenser microphone

Amazon Basics Condenser Microphone


Amazon Basics condenser microphone for 32.41 euros

If you have a very tight budget, but you want a microphone that allows you to record or broadcast audio in good quality, this Amazon Basics microphone is a good option for only 32 euros .

Although it is from Amazon Basics and its price is very tight, it is a microphone that does a very good job capturing your voice clearly and at the same time eliminating other noises around you.

It works exclusively with USB and has a button to mute it and the microphone picks up with a unidirectional pattern. In addition, it comes with a very comfortable small tripod to put it on the table, although it can also be adjusted to other accessories such as flexible arms.

The Complete Kit: Sudotack Microphone

SUDOTACK microphone


Microphone with Sudotack accessories for 66.99 euros

If you are looking for a microphone that comes with everything you need to mount it, such as a flexible boom to the desk, a windshield and even a filter, this Sudotack cardioid condenser microphone is the one for you.

As we tell you, it comes with everything you need to mount it on your table and start using it immediately, it has a USB connection and a 192 kHz sampling rate. Being a cardioid microphone it focuses on the sound it picks up right in front, perfect for recording yourself or for calls.

This microphone with all its accessories can be obtained for 66 euros on Amazon, but with the 10% discount coupon found on its Amazon page, it costs only 60 euros .

The Highest Quality Pro: Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B


Get the Shure SM7B microphone for 379 euros

You will have seen this microphone in thousands of videos and streams. Shure SM7B is one of the best known and highest quality microphones you can buy right now.

This microphone features a smooth, flat and wide frequency, with an emphasis on mid frequencies. It filters out electromagnetic hums and is screened against frequencies emitted by screens.

It comes with a windshield that allows us to filter that sound that is generated when we speak close to the microphone and it has a screw mounting system to mount it anywhere, both on a tripod and on an articulated arm.

Its quality is directly proportional to its price. In Amazon you can get it for 379 euros , which although it is not the cheapest price on this list, it is without a doubt the truly professional microphone at the best price you can get right now.