Anyone who has ever used an e-ink screen , such as the one found in Kindle- type ebook readers , knows that they are the best option for reading text . They do not emit light, so they do not strain your eyes. It is like reading a sheet of paper.

But e-ink displays have a significant limitation. Due to its technology, which handles real ink that is electronically repositioned on the screen, its refresh rate is very low . That is why they are only used to read text or comics, where the screen is fixed and the only movement you have to do is turn the page.

All this theory explodes into a thousand pieces with Dasung Paperlike 253, the world’s first monitor with an electronic ink screen . Its refresh rate is so high that it can even play videos . Take a look at the video because it is spectacular:

Dasung is a Chinese company specialized in the manufacture of electronic ink displays, which it already uses in tablets and laptops , something that is very rare.

However, it has gone a bit further by manufacturing the first monitor with an electronic ink screen . Dasung Paperlike 253 has a 25.3-inch screen with 3K resolution (3,200 x 1,800 pixels) and standard connections to connect all types of devices: HDMI, Display Port, USB Type-C, etc.

Dasung has not revealed the refresh rate, but from the video in motion it is intuited that it reaches 50 or 60 Hz , more than enough to work on a PC. Because one of the characteristics of electronic ink is that when the screen is fixed, for example, if you are reading something on a website or a social network, or working on a PDF or document, the image does not consume, flicker or emit light. So it does not tire your eyes.

MateBook D15 2021

MateBook D15 2021: This is the world’s first monitor with an electronic ink screen

New generation of one of Huawei’s most popular ultrathin notebooks. It maintains the design line of previous models and stands out for incorporating 11th Gen Intel Core processors and WiFi 6.

Opening and closing windows, moving them, or editing a text, can be done with almost no latency, as in a conventional monitor.

And if you are writing a text, developing an app or doing office work, that the monitor is in black and white does not matter too much.

How has Dasung managed to overcome the problem of the low refresh rate of e-ink displays? It employs a new proprietary chip called Dasung Turbo that uses algorithms, signal processing and memory programming to accelerate the reorganization of ink within the screen , at speeds never seen before.

Thanks to its electronic ink screen, the Dasung Paperlike 253 monitor becomes the most suitable for working for long hours, without straining your eyes .

Dasung Paperlike 253 seeks financing on Indiegogo , where it has already raised 7,000% of what it needed. It has a price of 1,642 euros , and will begin shipping in the month of August.