We analyze the training trends and the sectors with the most professional opportunities for the coming months.


With the beginning of the new academic year, a new era begins with renewed energy, good intentions and the opportunity to start a new life stage. Many are considering changing their careers or undertaking training that can guarantee professional opportunities with guarantees. The question is clear: today, which are the professional sectors with the highest demand for employment?

Courses with more job opportunities: 7 courses with the highest professional demand for 2021

We offer you a list of courses in sectors that are booming, so that you can contemplate different possibilities adapted to your preferences.

In Maestralia you can consult all the training and courses related to these labor sectors, we offer you in each of them the most outstanding course for each professional specialization.

Real estate agent: 7 courses with the highest professional demand for 2021

A safe bet in a sector in full transformation. Those interested in accessing jobs in the real estate market must have good training. The training urgency in real estate issues is increasing these times , given the constant fluctuations and updates that this sector experiences.

Some studies of the sector point out that in addition to the price tensions that the rental market is suffering, it implies the construction of up to 100,000 rental homes in 2020. A decision that if it follows its natural course will affect the labor market with a greater demand for jobs. work of all kinds, among others in that of real estate agency experts.

The Real Estate Agent courses have training in multiple aspects related to this profession. From Public Real Estate Law, Real Estate Management Techniques to land valuation methods. Studies that allow to have the best training in the sector at the pace that the student wishes.

Tourist advisor: 7 courses with the highest professional demand for 2021


Another market that is exposed to multiple changes due to the digitization of the sector. Its great professional demand is due to the fact that the presence of tourists is constant throughout the year , due to tourist claims of all kinds. For example, the Camino de Santiago continues to expand, with a lot of presence throughout the national territory due to its multiple routes.

Tourism has always been a sector in continuous expansion in Spain. The rural economy is also of capital importance, since both small entrepreneurs and companies have launched themselves into promoting tourism in these places, opening up new markets. Hand in hand with the digital sector, rural tourism has been gaining weight in recent years.

To qualify for this job market, with the tourism courses you can access job offers in the sector. You will learn all the keys to tourist accommodation, entertainment, communication and events. In addition, you will have a certificate of tourist advice.

Hotel receptionist

Campus Training

Hotel receptionist: 7 courses with the highest professional demand for 2021

Personal trainer: 7 courses with the highest professional demand for 2021

The concern for being fit  and the need to have a person responsible for designing and maintaining a training plan have broadened the work horizons of this figure. The personal trainer is not only focused on professionals who make a living within the sports field, but also for all those who have set goals related to sports in their leisure time.

A personal trainer must cover knowledge of all kinds, ranging from sports training techniques, to aspects related to nutrition, psychology, physical therapy or first aid. You must be prepared to meet the needs of your client, knowing what are the priorities and the best techniques to achieve your goals.

If you are interested in obtaining an official title to practice this profession, the online Personal Trainer courses allow you to train at your own pace as well as grant you official endorsed diplomas.

Personal trainer


Personal trainer

Bakery and Pastries: 7 courses with the highest professional demand for 2021

The passion for bakery and pastries is booming and consumers increasingly value more quality and the production of these products. Food is always a pleasure, and no one takes a sweet tooth: the professional opportunities in this sector prove it. Baker ,  maker of pastries ,  maker of pizza crusts ,  food processor … 

This booming sector has more and more demanding consumers. The gastronomy and hospitality industry has more followers at a time when society is used to requesting products at home and who likes to experience novelties in their palates. An example of this has been the mini-croissants , which have caused a sensation in many cities with exclusively dedicated establishments.

The courses bakery are becoming an excellent option to acquire training guarantees in this case. These types of courses give the opportunity to acquire a certificate of professionalism and a job bank to acquire practice in this field.

Bakery, Pastry and Pastry

Campus Training

Bakery, Pastry and Pastry

Florist: 7 courses with the highest professional demand for 2021

The flowers return. More and more homes seek to innovate in the decoration of their homes and gardens, which increases the demand for professionals in this field. Training in the world of flowers and plants, knowing first-hand the best techniques in flower arrangement and design will allow you to enter the job market or have the necessary knowledge to start a business on your own.

The online florist course allows you to specialize at your own pace in an expert in flower design and arrangement. You will be able to offer professional advice to your clients, both working in a specialized store and managing your own business. You can specialize to make bridal bouquets, centerpieces and floral compositions of all kinds for special dates.

Driving instructor

A sector that always has great professional demand. Being able to transmit the theoretical and practical knowledge to drive vehicles is essential, since today’s newcomers will be the drivers of tomorrow. Teach good practices from the first moment and correctly transmit all concepts related to road safety and protocols for action on the road.

The legislation on road training is at a time of uncertainty, since the DGT wants to establish a mandatory minimum of both theoretical and practical classes. There is no predetermined number of lessons, either on a theoretical or practical level, although it is recommended to attend around 30 practical classes to successfully pass the type B1 driving license exam.

The driving school teacher online course allows you to have all the necessary material to take the driver education teacher tests. You will be able to train at your own pace with payment facilities, and be prepared to practice this profession.

Community Manager

Any company or public personality is inevitably linked to having an online presence. Knowing how to interpret the needs of each business , understand the possibilities of each social network and identify the audience it should reach gives capital importance to the figure of the community manager . A correct and intense training in this field will allow to obtain great results.

community manager is one more position within the gear that makes up digital marketing, with specializations of all kinds that involve cross-cutting knowledge on the subject. With this online community manager course you will be able to train yourself to know all the possibilities and tools of each social network to enlarge, take care of and extract the potential of the community of a brand. 7 courses with the highest professional demand for 2021