7 Reasons Why Box Bottom Bags are the Ultimate Product Packaging for Dry Foods in 2022

    7 Reasons Why Box Bottom Bags are the Ultimate Product Packaging for Dry Foods in 2022


    The packaging industry is highly inventive, and technology advances at a breakneck pace – there are literally hundreds of packaging options and materials to select from, making choosing the perfect packaging for dry foods difficult.


    The correct dry food packaging charms customers and keeps the product secure and fresh throughout shipping.


    Regardless of the sort of food your brand is renowned for, keeping its wonderful flavour begins with the packaging. When customers know they can depend on a product’s freshness and convenient packaging, it confirms the brand’s quality, typically resulting in loyal customers!


    Specifically for dry food packaging in 2022, here are seven reasons why box bottom bags are the ideal choice by assessing the consumer and industry demands for dry foods.


    But first, what are Box Bottom Bags?

    Box-bottom bags, also known as flat bottom pouches, are economical and practical. They are made from multiple layers of high-quality film, providing an effective barrier to moisture, impacts, temperature differences, oxygen, and light to maintain your dry products’ quality and freshness.


    Plus, since the branded printed layer is confined between barrier film layers, there is no way for your high-quality labelling and advertising to be scratched or damaged. Box bottom bags are ideal for various dry goods such as frozen foods, berries, pasta, soup mix, rice, pet food, chocolates, powders, spices, muesli, cookies, tea, mashed potatoes, etc.


    Unlike a bulky box, flexible packaging such as box bottom bags and pouches outperforms rigid packaging for dynamic branding and maximum freshness. They are made from technologically sophisticated materials that not only keep your product’s flavour intact but also serve as an excellent canvas for distinctive labelling and creative packaging designs.


    Now let’s look at seven benefits of box bottom bags for dry foods packaging.


    1. Best Suited to the Current Consumer Purchasing Trends

    Due to changes in consumer lifestyle, dry food packaging has evolved from purely practical to a significant role in consumer purchase decisions…


    As more consumers opt for healthy snacking over meals, it is beneficial for producers to provide smaller versions of their best-sellers, most commonly in flexible bags or pouches. Manufacturers benefit from consumer desire for portable, lightweight, and hassle-free packs that can be put into a backpack or car for on-the-go consumption.


    Simultaneously, practical elements such as rip notches, zippers, fitments, closures, and handle holes make the box bottom bags simple to open, drink/eat/dispense from, and re-close.


    1. Better Line-Packing Efficiency

    In the food-to-go industry, vertical packaging forms are becoming more popular as they are faster for packaging machines on factory lines to fill. The gusseted sides and quad seals of box bottom bags provide a more robust structure and greater filling volume than conventional bags.


    Plus, the box bag’s flat and sturdy base makes it an appropriate packing choice for almost any type of lightweight item, including coffee beans, tea leaves, cereals, beef jerky, nuts, spices, and confectionery. Box bags and stand-up pouches are the finest FPS items for this type of packaging.


    1. Amazing Retail Shelve Appearance

    Due to their distinctive shape, flat bottom bags can save up to 15% of packing material and conserve shelf space in the store because they stand tall and have a smaller width than stand up pouches. As a result, the business owner may save money by paying less for store shelf space.


    Stand up pouches are designed to stand upright on a store shelf for more aesthetic representation and volume than a conventional vertical bag. They are created in such a manner that they quickly catch the attention of customers with increased visibility and brand presentation on shop shelves.


    1. Perfect Packaging for Displaying High-Quality Graphics

    The box bottom bag maximises advertising real estate on the packed goods by having five complete printing faces. A natural advantage of this packaging form is the broad face and back of the pouch, ideal for a company logo. More importantly, the company story and why this particular product is so good, yummy, different, longer lasting, and so on.


    Box bottom bags provide your goods with optimum shelf stability and superior protection while maintaining an attractive and distinct appearance. A reputable box bottom bag manufacturer can custom print the five panels, giving a business more artwork and design options.


    1. Easily Customisable

    At the heart of good product packaging is customisable features, high-quality printing, and fantastic add-on features like zips and quick open laser scoring. Resealable zippers, rip notches, euro and round hanging slots, handle punch, hole punch, and rounded corners are all optional features reputable printing companies provide. Dry food packaging may be customised with several unique features ranging from press-to-close zippers to rip notches.


    1. Extended Product Shelf Life

    Dry foods packed into box bottom bags have a shelf life of up to a year and are thus superb value for money. Materials such as AlOx and EVOH can be added to laminates to increase the product’s shelf life further. Plus, the packaging is food safe, chemically stable, BPA-free, can be pasteurised and sterilised.


    1. Great For Long-Distance Transportation

    When it comes to food packaging, you need to ensure your product is well-protected. Getting the goods from point A to point B securely and with minor damage should be your top concern. Packaging specialists’ will be able to walk you through some crucial considerations when selecting the proper packaging for your product, such as how it will be filled and the needed shelf life.


    Stand Out Today with Box Bottom Bags!

    In the world of packaging, many methods can help your products stand out from the competition. The box bottom bags, on the other hand, make a statement.


    Box bottom bags combine the features of a typical side gusseted bag with a stand-up pouch into a product that stands narrow on the shelf, does not tip over, and squares up like a box. Flat bottom bags offer distinct benefits, are modified based on demand, and have a promising market future.


    If you are interested in acquiring high-quality product packagings such as box bottom bags or more printing services such as brochure printing or premium folding cartons. Get in touch with a reputable printing company for more information.




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