If you get calls from the 7175937555, number and want to know who is calling you then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you about this number. Therefore, if you want to get further information then you should read this article from start to end.

    Who calls me from 7175937555?

    The call that you get from 7175937555 is a political robocall. Many people reported that this number disturbs them many times a day and sometimes late at night. It is a political call that promotes a political person “U.S Senator BOB Casey.”

    The call transcript’s summary is as follows:

    A U.S. senator “Bob Casey” speaks and invites people or listeners to his Teletown hall event in this automated robocall. In this call, he said that he is inviting people to his Teletown hall event, which will be held a few moments later from the call. He said people to stay online and then they will be automatically connected to the event. Additionally, he said them to call his office at “202-24-6324” in case they have any questions after the call. Then he said them again to stay online they will be connected to the Teletown hall event in just a few time. Then they instruct them that if they want to be added to the do not call list then hit nine. Then he again said them to hold to connect them to give them access to the live event. The accessed live event is in music hold and it will start quickly. Then he said good evening andhe tells people that the call can be monitored. In the end, he said that his name is David and he wills controlling tonight’s call.

    Do political robocalls a scam

    Generally, political robocalls are not scam calls. They can be categorized as telemarketing calls because they promote a political person or political party. Such calls are automated robocalls that are prerecorded. If your phone is registered on DO Not Call Register, then you may get calls related to the election on the days of the election or a few days before the elections.

    Such calls are recorded to make people aware of the elections and to promote a political party’s election campaign. Political parties also used such types of calls for seeking donations for their political campaign. However, some fraudulent people can use political robocalls as a source of scams. They can collect money for the political campaign by using the name of any specific party and can collect the fund. If you want to get rid of such calls then you can use robocall-blocking apps and systems like Robokiller and Nomorobo.

    How do you stop political robocalls?

    Political robocalls are not fraud calls but they can be irritating and disturbing. Therefore, if you want to get rid of such calls then you can use robocall-blocking apps like “Robokiller” and “Nomorobo.”

    Additionally, you can report the political robocalls to FCC if you think that they do not obey FCC’s rules and regulations. If you receive calls and texts from 7175937555, you can report the sender by forwarding the text to 7726. You can block this number in your phone then you will not receive any calls or texts from this number.

    Do political robocalls are legal.

    Calls related to political parties and political campaigns are autodialed and prerecorded voices that promote a specific political party or political campaign of political parties. Such calls are prohibited to cell phones and mobile devices without the called party’s prior express consent.

    Such calls are legal and not to harm people they only promote the political parties and their political campaigns in days of elections but they can be harmful if they are from spoof numbers.


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