9563941024 : See complete details

    9563941024 : See complete details

    In this article, I am going to give you information about “9563941024.” It is a number that is involved in a scam or spam calls. Therefore, if you already get calls from this number and want to know further about it then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to know further about it.

    What are 9563941024? Is it legit?

    9563941024 is a 10-digit landline or mobile phone number, which is located in United States Texas. This number is reported as scams or spam calls on different sources on the internet.

    The call is pre-recorded robocall which is recorded as “Hello, May I ask a good question? Dwyan”. This call is for making any type of scam. Commonly, it can be a debt collection scam

    In which the caller is from Federal Trade Commission and calls a ghost or fake debt collection scam. In this scam, scammers pretend to be the debt collector, from the billing department, lawyers, or law enforcement agencies. They try to threaten to sue or arrest you using fake harassment to try to collect a fake debt that you do not own.

    Debt collection scams are very common these days so scammers can easily try to collect a fake debt by threatening people or using other tactics.

    What is a debt collection scam?

    In this scam, scammers pretend to be debt collectors to obtain money from the people. The scammers call individuals and claim that they owe a debt that needs to be paid immediately. The scammers may use several tactics to pressure people into making payments.

    In such scams, scammers use intimidation, the threat of legal action, and many types of tactics to scare people and pressure them to pay money. They may use aggressive language, make repeated phone calls or may send threatening messages and letters, or may also claim to be from government agencies.

    In such cases, scammers claim to be collecting a debt that does not exist or may demand payment for a debt that has already been paid. They ask for payment using unusual methods like gift cards and cryptocurrencies.

    If you get calls from unknown numbers then you should be cautious. If you have to deal with any debt collection then you should verify their legitimacy. You should ask about their agency or organization and make research on the internet to check the legitimacy of the call. If you are sure that, you are being targeted by such a scam then you can report it to the federal trade commission (FTC).

    How to know that the caller is trying to involve you in a debt collection scam

    Following are some of the alarming signs that help you to know that the caller is trying to involve you in a debt collection scam:


    If the callers threaten you, use aggressive language, make threats of doing legal action against you, or use other ways to pressure you into paying a debt then it can be a fraud. You should ensure the legitimacy of the debt claim or agency before making payment.

    Demand payment

    If the caller demands immediate payment and uses several tactics to threaten or pressurize you then it can be a scam. In such cases, the callers do not provide you with any information about the debt like the name or the creditors or the amount owed.

    Asks personal information

    If the caller asks for personal information like your social security number, bank detail, and credit card number then it may a scam because the real debt collectors already have this information.

    Payment from unusual methods

    If the caller demands you to pay from unusual methods like cryptocurrency, gift cards, and others then it may a scam because the legit debt collectors use known methods like online transactions through debit cards or payment through a bank account.


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