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    SSSniperWolf Boyfriend : Complete details

    SSSniperWolf whose full name is SSSniperWolf aka Alia Marie Shelesh is a British and American-based YouTuber, Gamer, Social Media icon, and a famous TikToker. People usually want to know everything about their favorite celebrity’s life like their lifestyle, house, pets, and everything.

    Therefore, this article is for SSSniperWolf’s fans and for all of them who want to know about “SSSniperWolf Boyfriend.” If you are also interested to know about him then read this article from start to end. Before we go towards her boyfriend, you should know about “SSSniperWolf” first.

    Who is SSSniperWolf?

    SSSniper is a Youtuber, Gamer, Instagramer, and TikToker. She is a famous social media icon. She was born on October 22, 1992. Now, she is 30 years old. She was born and raised in a Christian Family in lived in Liverpool, England in the UK. She holds British-American nationality and follows the Christian religion.

    She got her early education from a Local High School in Liverpool, England. After that, she got her higher education from a Local University in Liverpool where she got her graduation degree. She likes to play games and she wanted to follow her passion as a career since her childhood. At a young age, she started to display her gaming skills on her YouTube channel.

    Who is SSSniperWolf’s Boyfriend?

    Evan Sausage is SS Sniper’s boyfriend. He is an American YouTuber Star and a Vlogger also. On his YouTube channel, the most popular content is his relationship with SSSniperWolf and one of the most famous series is “Scaring SSSniperWolf.”

    SSSniperWolf Boyfriend
    SSSniperWolf Boyfriend

    Sausage is his nickname while his real name is “Evan.” Evan is from Arizona. He is a YouTuber, gamer, and Vlogger. He has above 456K subscribers on his YouTube channel and has a good fan following. The video that got fame him on his YouTube channel is about his relationship with his girlfriend SSSniperWolf.

    He also posted many challenge videos, and Super Smash Bros. posted videos about his effort behind his weight loss. He is also famous for his gaming skills and played Grand Theft Auto, expertly played Call of Duty, and Metal Gear Solid.

    The collaboration and relationship between Evan and SSSniperWolf started when Evan sent a text to her on her YouTube channel saying “I Would Drag My Balls through a Field of Broken Glass Just to Hear You Fart through a Walkie-talkie.

    This was funny but it opened the way between both of them their relationship and causes them to collaborate with each other. It made SSSniperWolf laugh and she thought that it was the funniest thing she ever heard. This causes them to start talking to each other on YouTube where they exchanged phone numbers. It was the start of their relationship with each other.

    How did Evan Sausage and SSSniperWolf connect with each other?

    Lia gave a detail related to her first meeting with Evan Sausage in her YouTube video that she posted on November 2015.

    When the gamer was less famous in 2013, she posted a video on YouTube in which she displayed a Metal Gear Rising Guide. The video gets too much popularity. Evan sent a message to the SSSniperWolf on her YouTube channel. She thinks that the message is very amusing and entertaining so, she replied to him.

    They started chatting with each other and sharing images with each other. They both exchanged their number and started to talk overnight with each other. It raises a good collaboration among them. They both talk for hours and sometimes overnight. After getting to know each other, they decided to meet.

    They both get more popular due to their collaboration with each other. They are very serious in their relationship. SSSniperWolf stated that Evan instantly started to flee when they met. Due to her issues in controlling her wrath, SSSniperWolf and her parents faced many issues early in their relationship.

    Luckily, they started to deal with all the situations, which let them make a strong bond with one another. They ultimately decided to buy a home as a unit.

    Are Evan and SSSniperWolf still dating?

    SSSniperWolf and her partner Evan Sausage are rumored to be still together because they have been seen in each other’s videos and Evan recorded a house tour conducted by SSSniperWolf in 2019. The couple rarely shares photos or videos of themselves and has not made any official announcement about their relationship status.

    Despite this, there have been no indications of a split between them as neither has mentioned the other on social media or referred to the relationship in recent times. Evan has not posted any fresh content on his YouTube channel in over two years and has not mentioned SSSniperWolf on his Instagram account, while SSSniperWolf has not brought him up in her recent posts.

    It is possible that they prefer to keep their relationship private and away from the public eye. However, without any concrete evidence, it remains unclear if they are still together or not.

    Do Evan and SSSniperWolf finish their relationship?

    SSSniperwolf and Evan Sausage were known for documenting their relationship on their respective social media channels, including the difficulties they faced. However, in 2016, the couple faced a significant challenge as they broke up.

    SSSniperwolf documented the different stages of their separation through YouTube videos, including “WE BROKE UP” in May of that year, followed by “WE GOT BACK TOGETHER” in June, which displayed their reunion at the airport.

    Despite their reunion, things eventually took a turn for the worse, and they separated once more, this time as roommates in the same house, as documented in the video “EXPLAINING MY BREAKUP.” The couple also faced a fierce fight, which resulted in their arrest, as documented in another video uploaded by SSSniperwolf.

    Additionally, SSSniperwolf admitted that they were arrested in 2013 for armed robbery. The couple’s documented journey through their relationship and its ups and downs offered fans an inside look at the challenges and triumphs that come with love and relationships.

    Is SSSniperWolf married?

    No, SSSniperWolf is not married. She only has a boyfriend whose name is Evan Sausage. She is still together with Evan Sausage. They both are social media celebrities and have a great fan following on social media, especially on YouTube.

    They both are well known for their relationship. They met due to YouTube when Sausage sent a funny message to her on YouTube. She replied to the message because she enjoyed it a lot. Then, they both exchanged their phone number and started to talk with each other for many hours and sometimes overnight.

    Everyone knows that she is not married and their fan knows about their relationship. However, in some videos on their YouTube channel, they declared separation.

    Whom is SSSniperWolf dating now?

    Since her breakup with Evan Sausage, SSSniperWolf has not stated any other romantic interest. However, her past relationship with Evan gives her fans a lot of content. Now, the relationship of SSSniperWolf with any other after Evan does not know.

    Final Words

    SSSniperWolf is a well-known social media icon who is famous for her YouTube channel and gaming skills. She dated a YouTuber Evan Sausage. They were in a relationship for a long time but split up due to some reasons. Now, her relationship with anyone is not known. I hope the information given here will be helpful for you.

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