Am I Too Old To Take Sports Training Classes?

Am I Too Old To Take Sports Training Classes?

Playing sports is not a question of age, just be careful.

According to the National Institute of Health and Medical Research: Am I Too Old To Take Sports Training Classes?

“1 Spaniard in 2, between 55 and 64 years old, does some kind of physical activity.”
Today there are as many old people in gyms as there are young people!
Older people also want to achieve the goals they set with their personal trainers. To have a good mood, sport is good for your health.
Practicing a physical activity allows you to:
Reduce the risk of falls,
Reduce the risk of obesity,
Reduce stress and prevent heart disease,
Help lower cholesterol,
Fight osteoporosis …
You have to know that sport is not a question of age . To prove it, every year, in marathons, older people achieve challenges that young people do not even dare to do.
For example, 85-year-old Canadian athlete Ed Whitlock is the man of all records.
After having broken the world record on June 10 last year, he had already set the world record for the semi-marathon in his category with a mark of 5.15km / h.
In 10 km, he achieved a personal record of 44.22…
So if this athlete succeeds, why not you?
As long as you are prudent, you can maintain your physical shape at any age. It is true that hiring a sports coach when we are older is a good way to play sports safely.
First of all, you must have a medical check-up to verify that you can play sports without any problem.
Once the doctor gives you the green light, we are going to give you some tips so that you can do sports with complete peace of mind:
Don’t rush into a physical activity from day to morning; training has to be progressive.
Avoid competitions and violent efforts .
Get a good team ; You have to put on and dress appropriately for the activity you are going to do.
Pay attention to hypothermia and dehydration. You have to drink regularly.
There are activities adapted to the elderly that you can do with your sports coach:
Yoga :
This activity consists of gentle workouts and breathing techniques that will relax the muscles. Your coach will teach you the different movements that are good for your body. Your coach will not force you to go beyond your limits.
The Nordic Walk :
This exercise is to work the arms, pecs, shoulders, and pectoral muscles. It is a very good exercise especially when we have trouble walking.
Your sports coach will be there to accompany you on your walks.
To all these exercises you can add gymnastics, golf, archery …
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