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Analytics Facebook

Analytics Facebook The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Analytics

Facebook Insights tracks likes, page views, and more. Facebook analytics tells you WHO your audience is and the way they’re interacting along with your page.


If your business is victimization Facebook, you would like to be victimization Facebook analytics. It’s packed choked with insights and information that may assist you get the foremost from the social network that reaches one.62 billion users a day.

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Analytics Facebook Why use Facebook analytics (a.k.a. Facebook Page Insights)?

When victimization Facebook for business, you would like to require a structured approach that ties your social media efforts to real business goals. Analytics provide you with loads of valuable data that may assist you track and live your results therefore you’ll be able to refine your strategy and live your come on investment.


Understanding however and once folks act with the content you post on Facebook is additionally a vital thanks to make certain the Facebook rule works for you, instead of against you.


This guide to Facebook Insights can assist you perceive however and why every metric is very important to your overall social media strategy.

Analytics Facebook Facebook Page Insights vs. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Page Insights and Facebook Audience Insights area unit each Facebook analytics tools. There a touch little bit of overlap between the 2 of them; however they serve terribly totally different functions. The key to the way to use every is within the name of the tool:


Facebook Page Insights provides you careful analytics for your Facebook Page, therefore you’ll be able to track what works, find out how folks act along with your content, and improve your results over time.

Facebook Audience Insights helps you perceive your Facebook audience therefore you’ll be able to higher target ads and build additional relevant content.

In this post, we have a tendency to walk you thru the way to use Facebook Page Insights. Trying to find data on the way to track and analyze your Facebook audience? We’ve got an entire web log post regarding the way to found out and use Facebook Audience Insights to induce you started.

Analytics Facebook How to use Facebook analytics

First things initial. To access Facebook Page Insights, visit your Facebook Page and click on Insights within the high menu. If you don’t see Insights within the menu, click additional to bring it up.

Screenshot of the Insights tab at the highest of a Facebook for business page

Image via Facebook

You’ll be taken straight to your summary, that you’ll be able to access once more at any time by clicking summary within the left-hand menu.

Overview: the large image

Screenshot of the Facebook analytics summary dashboard

Image via Facebook

The summary provides you a bird’s-eye read of everything that’s happening along with your Facebook Page. You’ll be able to opt to read information for the last seven or twenty eight days, for the present day, or for the previous day.


The summary is weakened into 3 sections, beginning with the Page outline. Here, you’ll see a collection of graphs with superior metrics for variety of categories:


Actions on Page: The combined total clicks for your contact data and call-to-action button

Page views: Total views of your Facebook Page, as well as by folks not logged into Facebook.

Page Previews: the amount of times folks hovered their mouse over your Page data to ascertain a preview of your Page.

Page Likes: the amount of latest likes.

Post reach: the amount of individuals WHO saw your posts in their timeline.

Story reach: the amount of individuals WHO saw your Stories.

Recommendations: the amount of individuals WHO counseled your Page.

Post engagement: A combined total of post likes comments, shares, and different engagements.

Responsiveness: AN analysis of however typically and the way quick you reply to messages.

Videos: the amount of video views of 3 seconds of additional.

Page followers: the amount of latest followers

Orders: Your orders and earnings.

You can click on any of those charts to induce additional careful data, or click on the corresponding item within the left-hand menu.


The second section is termed your five most up-to-date Posts. This provides you the reach and engagement numbers for your latest posts. There’s conjointly A choice to boost your best playing posts right from this screen.


Finally, you’ll see a part referred to as Pages to observe. During this section, you’ll be able to manually add in Pages you wish to check to your own. As an example, you may add a competitor’s page to ascertain however you qualify. This will be honest thanks to benchmark your results against the most important players in your business.


Directly beneath the page outline, you’ll see a box with the heading Ad Results have emotional. All pursuit for Facebook ads has emotional to a separate ad analytics page referred to as Ad Center. You’ll be able to realize it within the high navigation menu of your Facebook Page by clicking additional.

Posts: careful analysis

The Posts section of your Facebook page analytics dashboard provides you loads of necessary data regarding your posts and also the activity on your Page, divided into 3 tabs:

When Your Fans area unit on-line

Post Types

Top Posts from Pages You Watch

It’s a touch confusing, as a result of solely the data within the box at the highest of the screen changes once you click on one in every of these tabs. The data within the section below this high box, referred to as All Posts printed, stays an equivalent.



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