Arabic pronunciation and writing

Arabic pronunciation and writing

As soon as you master the Arabic letters, you will have to handle them with skill. You can start by pronouncing them, by reproducing the phonemes.
How is the phonetic system of the Arabic language built ? How can you improve your Arabic pronunciation?
The pronunciation and writing of the Arabic language can seem difficult, so you will have to take classes.

Arabic phonetics: Arabic pronunciation and writing

Like music classes, learning a language is always expensive in terms of the personal investment that must be made. To learn the Arabic language, you have to delve into its consonantal system, because it is complex.
There are many consonants whose pronunciation requires little oral exercises. Keep in mind that a mispronounced letter can completely change the meaning of the word or phrase. Therefore, it is very important to correctly reproduce the sound of guttural consonants.

Work on the pronunciation of Arabic: Arabic pronunciation and writing

To acquire a good level of oral expression, repeat the syllables with your private teacher during your Arabic classes for beginners. You can read and start writing in Arabic as soon as you have mastered the spelling of the language.
You will be able to memorize them by pronouncing the letters aloud, imitating the teacher (preferably a native speaker). Ask your teacher to provide you with written documents so that you recognize the Arabic letters and that your ear gets used to it.
To correctly pronounce Arabic, the best technique is to do a cultural and linguistic immersion in a country in the Arab world. Spend a few months in a North African country, take an intensive Arabic course, and try reading classical Arabic in libraries.

Learn to write in Arabic

As you are sure you already know, in Arabic it is read and written in the opposite sense to ours : from right to left.
To learn to write Arabic letters and expand your vocabulary, you have several options:
take Arabic classes at home
sign up for Arabic classes at a language school
study arabic online
watch YouTube videos and tutorials
visit pages to learn basic Arabic
download applications on your mobile
be motivated and rigorous
In the initiation phase to Arabic writing, your teacher will make you repeat boring things, such as reproducing the letters read on paper with your hands. It may seem silly, but this way you will visually memorize them and write letters like alif , ba, ta, fa, lam, mim , hamza , etc. it won’t be a problem for you.
In addition, you can reproduce or invent simple dialogues. Writing a dialogue in Arabic is a good didactic exercise to learn effectively.
If you want to learn Arabic online , do not hesitate to register on our platform to find a native teacher willing to teach classes by webcam.

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