Learn Arabic numerals

Learn Arabic numerals

Learning numbers is one of the basic elements of Arabic. We usually know how to count from one to ten in different European languages ​​(English, German, French, Italian), why not in Arabic?
The Arabic numbers are actually a loan from the Indian number system.
If you go on vacation to a country in the Arab world, the figures will be useful in many aspects of social life:
ask the time
Go shopping
talk at work
know the date
know the distances traveled
As an anecdote, the etymology of the word “figure” comes from the Arabic word sifr which designates zero.
Although they were present in Syria since the 7th century, Arabic figures were not invented by the Arabs, but were borrowed by Arab mathematicians from the Indians beginning in the 9th century.
They spread in Europe during the invasion of Spain by the Arab armies, mainly because these figures facilitated the operations of complex mathematical calculations .
Banned in Florentine Italy until scientific development in the European Renaissance, it was not until the 15th century that Indo-Arabic numerals definitively supplanted Roman numerals.

Here are the numbers from 1 to 10: Learn Arabic numerals

Zero: sifr
One: wahid
Two: iznan
Three: zalazah
Four: arba’ah
Five: hamsah
Six: sittah
Seven: saba’ah
Eight: zamani’ah
New: tis’ah
Ten: asharah
In Arabic, the unit must be read before the tens in the figures greater than ten, to respect the sense of reading from right to left.
To learn all numbers in Arabic (tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions), the units from 1 to 9 do not usually change, with a few exceptions.
In addition to Arabic numbers and figures, you have to learn to type with the Arabic keyboard, Arabic grammar, conjugation, verbs, vocabulary, some Arabic expressions, pronunciation and Arabic writing – everything you need to become bilingual!
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