Becoming a Latin teacher in private centers

Becoming a Latin teacher in private centers

All roads do not lead to the same position as a Latin teacher; it is also quite possible to work as a teacher in private centers . The way to achieve it is more or less the same.

How to teach Latin in private centers
Why don’t you teach in a private center?

The teacher of a private educational center develops the same activities with the students as in a public school, but it is not necessary to pass a previous competition that gives access to a teaching position to work as a teacher.

However, it is necessary to have university studies and a Master’s Degree in Teaching. Thus, the necessary requirements to teach ESO or Baccalaureate in a private center are:

  • Have a Bachelor, Engineer or Architect degree, Graduate Higher Education or equivalent.
  • Have the pedagogical and didactic training that is established for each teaching. It consists of being in possession of the corresponding Official Master’s Degree in Teaching that enables the exercise of the professions of teacher of Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Professional Training and Language Teaching.
  • Accredit an adequate qualification to teach the corresponding subjects.
  • Teaching experience : candidates must prove a previous teaching experience during the time established in each case in a public or private ESO or Baccalaureate center.
  • In the Autonomous Communities with their own language, it is convenient to have the corresponding certificate that proves knowledge of this language. On many occasions, private and subsidized schools do not ask for this certificate and are content to check that you can have a conversation in that language.
  • In a large number of cases, other languages are also requested , especially English and German.

Another option is to work as a Latin teacher in an academy or school support center. To achieve this, you must send your CV and pass an interview, as in any other job. Becoming a Latin teacher in private centers

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