How to become a Latin tutor

How to become a Latin tutor

How to become a private Latin teacher
Latin proverbs are learned, but they are also passed on through classes!

With or without a university degree , keep in mind that you can still become a Latin teacher – on your own! It is true that becoming a private Latin teacher  entails a long road, full of obstacles , but nothing is impossible, especially if you know how to do it, and that’s what we’re here for!

The first way to become a private teacher is to follow some studies to acquire the necessary knowledge in Latin and the methodology. It is not the simplest solution, as it will take a few years. As we have already explained, you can:

  • Get your baccalaureate (the Humanities baccalaureate is the one we recommend);
  • Obtain a Degree (we recommend Classical Studies);
  • Take the Official Master’s Degree in Teaching.

You must be clear that, to be a private Latin teacher, you will not need any title.  It is simply a guarantee that it will give you more credibility with potential students and a necessary knowledge base for teaching .

This guarantee can be obtained by yourself, training without established and official studies, as with a Latin course offered by reputable establishments. You can also receive classes from Superprof , the platform for face-to-face and online classes that, thanks to all the teachers present in Spain, will provide you with the basis for teaching!

Be that as it may, apart from training, the main thing will be your passion for the Latin language and culture, your pedagogy and your willingness to teach. Being a Latin teacher is above all the pleasure of transmitting knowledge !

And since being a private Latin teacher implies mastering absolutely all the points of the language and helping students, we advise you to follow the best method for us: the Danish Orberg method This method is available in two volumes and two workbooks:

  • Lingua Latina per se illustrata, Paris I: Roman Family,
  • Lingua Latina per se illustrata, Paris II: Roma Aeterna,
  • Exercitia Latina Pars I,
  • Exercitia Latina Pars II.

We advise you to also invest in a dictionary, such as Santiago Segura Munguía’s Latin-Spanish Dictionary (among the best-selling of its kind in both Spain and Latin America).


Whether you decide to teach on a class platform like Superprof or help you through word of mouth (friends, family, social networks, etc.), you will not have to worry about the number of places or passing interviews. Taking into account the interest of the quality of your classes , welcome to the world of teaching! How to become a Latin tutor

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