Becoming an Instagrammer : A Practical Guide

Becoming an Instagrammer : A Practical Guide

If you want to start sharing your photos on the web, you will become an  instagramer ! Whether you want to show your best selfies , your last vacation or funny scenes from everyday life, your photos only belong to you:

“You are what you share” – CW Leadbeater

Think carefully about what hashtag to  use with your photos to make it go viral.

Sharing photos is not the only option you have; You can also record videos through Insta live or Stories. Finally, Instagram is well known for having every conceivable filter to decorate your photos. Try them all!

Here’s a summary of  tips  we could give an aspiring Instagrammer :

  • Use the right keywords (#) to tag your photos,
  • Take good-quality, well-framed photos,
  • Post images regularly,
  • Adopt a communication strategy based on social interactions with your community,
  • Add a title and a place to your photos (you can use the geolocator),
  • Use the filters and emoticons (emojis) available.

The best instagramers can even become  influencers and earn money taking photos and videos every day. One more reason to start sharing photos!

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