Simple use of the Tumblr platform

Simple use of the Tumblr platform

How to use Tumblr
One piece of advice: don’t bother a fandom. If you don’t know what it is, you’ll soon find out with Tumblr!

Tumblr , the fifth largest social network in the world, has come a long way with an original and fun concept. In fact, the platform allows you to  create your own blog  on a community site and share all kinds of content, from literature to videos. Simple use of the Tumblr platform

Sign up for Tumblr and customize your account

First of all, you need to know how to create an account on Tumblr . Go to the Tumblr site to register for free adding your basic information: email, username, password and age. Remember to choose your name well because it will appear in the URL of your blog!

Once your account is created, you must customize it however you want. Here’s a list of what you can  customize  on your blog:

  • The title (or name of the blog),
  • The topic,
  • Your avatar (the image that represents you),
  • The background color of the blog,
  • The color of the title, texts, links,
  • Advanced options (logo, image size, infinite scrolling …).

There are two types of themes: free themes and paid themes. It is up to you to choose one or the other depending on the means you have, but you don’t have to pay to use Tumblr!

Finally, here is a table that will allow you to understand the  terms  used on the platform:

You are now ready to browse Tumblr and follow the content!

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