Blog or follow accounts

Blog or follow accounts

On Tumblr, you can search for content and post. Each user has their own blog that shows their interests and different types of posts:  texts, photos, videos, sounds, links, quotes or discussion . For a reason, Tumblr is the most important blogging social network in the world!

If you want to publicize your activities on Tumblr, you must take care of the appearance of your blog, make a good editorial line and manage your content to reach the maximum number of people. At this price you can go  viral !

You can also use Tumblr by calmly viewing other people’s blogs. Discovering and sharing are part of the functions of social networks and it is normal to spend time like this. But if you feel like you’ve surfed too much on Tumblr, remember this phrase:

“The time you like to waste is not wasted” – John Lennon

To   easily search for content, simply use the search function to find specific topics you want to discover; the Explore function  is very general. If you find a post that interests you, you can like it or even reblog it to make it known to your circle of contacts.

Finally, you can  follow the blogs of others to be aware of their news and find them easily. Very simple, exciting and extremely rich in content, you are sure to spend hours on Tumblr! Blog or follow accounts

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