But where do I find private lessons?

But where do I find private lessons?

Welcome to the million dollar question! Nothing happens, we are here to help and guide you, so prepare a pencil and paper, let’s get started. Finding an ideal teacher or classes is not easy, since the offer is sometimes overwhelming and the human brain cannot handle so much information at once. However, it is important to look at the method of the teacher or the academy and, above all, the flexibility of schedules that they offer you. Next, we tell you what options you have for your private chemistry classes:

Academies of Sciences. A science academy is a center specialized in classes and courses in subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. They will organize the groups according to age and level, although they often also offer individual classes for those who prefer it. Wherever you are, there will be an academy where they teach chemistry classes, although you can always look for one that offers the online modality.

Individual teachers. On the other hand, there are many teachers who prefer not to be part of an academy team but rather to create a personal brand and website. In this case, you will know all the details about the teacher and his training and you will be able to adapt the classes more than in an academy, where you share availability with more students. If your goals are more ambitious or professional, you have more chances of achieving them with a teacher than in an academy, more focused on school reinforcement.

Superprof classes. We are a platform for private classes with a network of teachers spread throughout the world and full of knowledge to pass on to you. Here you are the boss: you choose where, how and when. In Spain there are 15,450 chemistry teachers waiting for you and offering you all the facilities so that learning science stops being torture. But where do I find private lessons?

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