With great fanfare, this is how Amazon announced years ago the launch of Echo devices in Spain . They arrived and in Spanish, a detail that was not unimportant, and soon they began to triumph until they became one more device in many homes today.

When opting for a speaker of this brand, some of the options it offers are usually taken into account, as well as the one Amazon is behind them and what that means in terms of performance, connectivity or quality . In a market where there are more and more options, they continue to triumph.

To affirm a yes or no to this question you have to weigh several issues, possibilities and future uses for these speakers . Depending on the type of user you are.

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For this we have prepared a small buying guide for the Amazon Echo , with questions to consider before buying one.

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Luckily there is enough stock, variety and good prices not to regret it in the future , something that will surely help Amazon to get a good part of the market in our country.

1. You must be clear about what this device is for: What to look for before buying an Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa

Having a smart speaker at home is attractive, but above all you need to know what it is for and what you can do with it .

These devices are used to receive voice commands that are executed through Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant . The repertoire of things that Alexa can do is quite wide: from playing music to controlling other connected devices within the home.

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Despite being, as we say, very broad, its limitations are evident. Virtual assistants still have a way to go, although they are making good progress and each month they surprise us with something new .

If you want to automate tasks such as turning on the lights, playing Amazon Prime Video or ordering a specific product through its online store, you can.

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2. It is not compatible with some third party services: What to look for before buying an Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa

Despite having Alexa, the Amazon Echo are still speakers. Smart, but speakers. What is a speaker for? To play sound.

You can do it through apps like Amazon Music or Spotify, compatible with Alexa. However, not all third-party services are supported .

For example, YouTube is not and neither is Netflix. Here Amazon tries to make room for its own products, such as Prime Video.

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It is an important point to keep in mind before buying an Amazon Echo .

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3. You will get more out of it if you use other Amazon devices for the Smart Home

As we have already mentioned, one of the benefits of the Echos is that they can control the devices for the Smart Home that you have scattered around the house: smart plugs, light bulbs, thermostats and more .

For this you need that these devices are compatible with Alexa , something that is not difficult to find. Currently most include support for the Amazon, Google and Apple assistant.

That means that you will get more out of the investment if you have many of these devices connected by your house.

Echo Amazon range

4. Sound quality costs money

Currently, there are several Amazon Echos for sale , each with its advantages and disadvantages and their price differences. Some like the Echo Spot have a screen, while others like the Echo Plus offer better sound quality.

It is no coincidence that the ones that stand out the most in the audio section are also the most expensive. It is a premium segment that costs money.

If you want to know in depth which are the best models that you have at the moment for sale to choose the one that suits you best, we recommend that you take a look at this guide that we have prepared.