Can you teach Latin without any title?

Can you teach Latin without any title?

The big question that many passionate about classical letters ask themselves: is it possible to teach Latin without having classical studies?

Teach untitled Latin classes
Is the degree necessary to teach Latin?

Let’s be clear: if you want to be a civil servant professor or teach in a private center, it is impossible to get a position without studies. As we have said, you have to have teaching experience and some qualifications  (the master, for example) to find a position in the teaching staff.

The degrees are like a guarantee for the recruiters that the candidates have acquired the level necessary to be able to teach. However, it is also quite possible to become a Latin teacher by choosing another path .

Some people become interested in Latin a little late; others took Latin classes but have not achieved a degree. Learning Latin or immersing yourself in it is something that can be achieved as a self-taught person.

You must bear in mind that it is very complicated, but not impossible if you are motivated. In fact, it often happens that motivation decreases at any given time. By taking Latin classes, students are required to continue their commitment, despite declining motivation. Without a specific framework, it is more tempting to give up on the first difficulty or get bored.

If you manage to have a good level in Latin by learning this dead language by yourself, try to  justify your level with a teacher  before starting to teach. Thus, you can now easily offer private classes at home.

Even though graduate professors are more likely to attract students, it’s about introducing yourself and highlighting your strengths . By learning Latin on your own, you have been able to develop specific techniques that can help struggling students.

You can also imagine new forms of Latin classes. Through YouTube videos , online courses, everything is possible! Therefore, do not undervalue yourself for not having any title. Evaluate all the opportunities that come your way. Can you teach Latin without any title?

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