Community Managers From Scratch: Chapter 1 Scan and Analyze

Community Managers From Scratch: Chapter 1 Scan and Analyze

Community Managers From Scratch: Chapter 1 Scan and Analyze

This is the first strategy that led me to consolidate myself as a digital worker

There are two types of people on the internet: those who analyze and those who only consume; The former are extremely rare and you will usually see very few comments or reactions from them on social media.

The others are asleep, their regular behavior is to look at their social networks as “gone” without expecting to find anything in particular, they react to the first thing that catches their attention, without reading carefully, they go directly to the hook of the image or video. They are usually reactionary and start to comment uncontrollably, usually only reading the title or the first few lines of the publication.

Worse still, there are users who go beyond the sleepy mode and arrive in Zombie mode; .

They come in to react, they get hooked on morbid (infallible content). A total zombie mode. They literally react as such, they don’t even bother to read and analyze before reacting, they start generating comments without thinking about it, they rush into the flesh like wild animals.

One quality that will undoubtedly make you stand out and take immediate advantage in these digital fields is to become fully aware and reflective of these lapses and always try to counteract them through reflection and a 5-second rule, which consists of counting five seconds before of executing any digital action, reflect on it a little before doing it.

But calm, good news! You already have a great advantage, because if you are reading this it is because you are definitely interested in being faster and learning to control conversations and people on social networks, without a doubt most of you are reading here because have an interest in keeping up with digital practices, as well as learning how to win digital battles.

The quick scan : Community Managers From Scratch: Chapter 1 Scan and Analyze

This is a highly recurrent technique within information professionals, people who within their abilities must know how to analyze large amounts of information in short periods of time, such as journalists, researchers or detectives.

It consists of concentrating absolutely all your attention and energy on what you have in front of you in a few seconds, something like a mental laser that you can fire for a few seconds due to the energy expenditure it represents, it is only a few seconds during which you must analyze deeply and quickly information, situations or texts to absorb and reflect large amounts of information in a limited time. This is extremely useful in digital.

The market research firm IPSOS concluded in a 2017 study that the human mind loses interest after the first 5 seconds of attention when impacting information on them, this is enhanced and conditioned above all by the massive consumption of information today. Those 5 seconds are crucial if we are aware of it, we are going to make the most of this lapse to execute the quick scan.

After these first 5 seconds come 15 fabulous minutes of mental energy, pure productivity that emanates from our being, it is crucial that you train this condition, it is a period that you must squeeze the most, it will be the most productive quarter of an hour of ALL YOUR DAY, How will you occupy it?

Scientific support: Community Managers From Scratch: Chapter 1 Scan and Analyze

Various treatises over the last few years have managed to solidify the theory that human attention is lost after the first 15 minutes of focus, these studies do nothing more than seek the optimization of the educational impact in the classroom, basically what that they propose is an educational model based on impact learning and not based on time, since until today the practice in traditional education is the same: the longer studying, the greater the learning and this apparently is not necessarily true. *

For example, The Doctor in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford Francisco Mora, author of the book «Neuroeducation You can only learn what you love» , postulates that education can be transformed to make learning more effective, the time of the sessions should be reduced. face-to-face classes in less than 50 minutes so that students are able to maintain their full attention. The doctor also affirms that in education misconceptions about the human psyche continue to be valid.

It sounds interesting but what we are really interested in is that we can use this principle to our advantage, without delving into studies, try it and you will see that you will obtain very positive results.

Facebook group: Community Managers From Scratch: Chapter 1 Scan and Analyze

Let’s review a practical example: Suppose you meet for the first time with a Facebook group related to a topic that you have been following for months on social networks, you join, they accept you in the group and all is well.

Well, not so well since the first thing any mortal would do is see the name of the group, enter, ignore the rules and questions and immediately go to the post section to put your question or comment in the group.

If you think that is normal, ERROR, do not do it anymore, from now on what you will do is stop for a moment, do nothing, you will apply the five second rule, then what you will do is review the group completely and as far as you can, you will scan everything, absolutely everything, you will observe where the hell you are standing, I will ask you to scan absolutely everything, as much as you can in about 8 seconds and if you can, more time ahead.

Nor do you fix yourself timing the time, it is on average, scan until you get bored, if you do not get bored with the scan after 5 seconds, congratulations, you have a better analysis capacity than the general average.

Try to absorb and reflect as much as possible of absolutely all the visible sections of this group on Facebook, but do not take any action yet.

After that quick scan, we are now going to check if in detail what has aroused your attention and interest the most in a maximum of 15 minutes, no more. It could be the cover, the members, the rules, the colors, THE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, the suggested topics, etc.

Higher Unbelievers

I would tell you that you are free to believe or not, to do it or not, I can only say that if you do, you will find that over time you will be more skillful and skilled than the average, you will be better prepared and you will retain more information, in fact simple habit of analyzing where you stand before acting already makes you higher than 90% of users. But don’t believe me, put it into practice and tell me.

In the same way, many will tell me “that is a waste of time, I better ask directly what I want to know and voila, I save those seconds of scanning” -Javo makes me difficult to develop my mental speed, I prefer to ask and that’s it-.

Well, everyone is entitled to stay in zombie mode if they want to, you would be saving 100 unnecessary questions and many hours of research waiting for the answers to come to you.

In all that time you would have already exercised your mental ability and all that accumulated long-term time would be saving you time.

In addition, if you know your environment, the rules and people, you will be able to play with that information in your favor. It is wonderful, you will find spaces where the moderators do not turn around and all for taking the time to read and analyze the information.


The quick scan will be very useful when entering websites or profiles on social networks, you simply activate your scan and if you are looking for something in particular you will find it super fast. Another benefit of this is that you will make less mistakes and your ideas will be fresher in your mind.

You cannot imagine the wonder that fast scanning is, you will begin to notice that you read faster, that you finish much faster and above all, that you will always win the word of all those trolls and haters on social networks before they even can. noticing or reacting with an answer.

But stacks with this, I suggest you never lose the grace that should distinguish a Community Manager, remove the troll elements to mock, do not even give them opportunity or attack material, it is better to disarm the intentions of the opponent.

IT IS IMPORTANT that you integrate this in all your activities, in your comments, when entering an application, when opening your Facebook, before answering an email, when writing an article, etc.

Because suddenly, one day you will realize that people say something to you like “you are very skilled”, efficient and will start to turn to you for help because you will always give the feeling of having a patient and correct answer.


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