How much does a Community Manager earn in Mexico?

How much does a Community Manager earn in Mexico?

How much does a Community Manager earn in Mexico?

Data updated to the annual cut-off date

On average, a Community Manager in Mexico earns $ 15,000 to $ 25,000 MXN per month in a small business. This would be $ 794 to $ 1,058 USD or € 682 to € 1,137 per month gross income.

Gross because it takes into account incentives, benefits and bonuses without deduction of taxes.

If you want to know how much to charge your clients for your Community Manager services, check out this article.

This is supported by the following study, which also shows the salaries of Project Managers, Social Media Stategist, Creatives, Designers or any digital position:

(Read until the end of this article as we prepare the results of a study that we ourselves carry out in Marketing Digital From Zero.)

2020 Page Group remuneration study: How much does a Community Manager earn in Mexico?

Page Personnel is a division of Page Group in charge of conducting market studies regarding salaries and economic perceptions; They analyze from junior positions to middle managers of the entire service industry in more than 22 countries and each year they publish their salary study:

Marketing and digital services: How much does a Community Manager earn in Mexico?

The results are organized by industry but the one that interests us is Marketing and sales. Within this we find the digital section, which shows us the following:

Page Personel 2020

The highest salary perception in the digital marketing industry is held by Bilingual Art / Creative Directors and Project Managers in large companies. They earn an average of MXN $ 64,000 (US $ 3,379 or € 2,219) gross income.

In North America or Europe it may sound little, but in Latin America it is to live with GREAT tranquility.

I leave you the official source so that you can review it calmly, you only have to register with your email:

The results of the study are a national average and should not be taken as a standard, much less as a law. Remember and again I tell you that the income is gross .

Under this control it is easy to detect if someone is not yet suitable for a position since there is a previous numerical standard with delivery times and quality.

Our own salary study: How much does a Community Manager earn in Mexico?

I am pleased to be able to share with you the results we obtained in Digital Marketing From Zero in 2020 by giving me the task of investigating an average salary of Community Managers in Mexico

  • Sample: 4,606 people
  • They are or have been CM’s at some point
  • Main cities: CDMX, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Puebla
Persons Percentage of the sample Remuneration in pesos Equivalent in Dollars Equivalent in Euros
2,765 60% 6 to 8 thousand 328 to 424 273 to 364
1,381 30% 8 to 12 thousand 428 to 635 364 to 546
460 10% 12 to 16 thousand 635 to 846 546 to 728

Net average earnings after taxes counting bonuses, incentives and benefits.

The main tasks carried out by a Community Manager are:

  1. Management of comments and In Box mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  2. Weekly content creation
  3. Monthly reports and meetings with clients

Average number of accounts (brands) to attend: 3

Salary varies for 3 main reasons

  1. Size of the company where they work.
  2. Size of the community they manage.
  3. Level of specialization and experience of the worker.

We delve more into the tasks performed by a Community Manager in the following article: What does a Community Manager do

How a company or agency determines the salary

The larger the company, agency or organization, the more skills, experience and verification of results your work requires, take that into account when weighing your needs against those of a company.

It may sound abstract, but it is quite possible to time all digital activities and standardize times with their respective hourly monetary impact.

Having these data very clear, any company or agency can establish a salary according to the employee’s performance, in this way there would be a measurement and optimization both in profitability for the company and in perception for the Community.

Hoping that these data will be useful to you and help you to take a valid reference point, especially if you were wondering how much a Community Manager earns in Mexico.

So far my entry, please do not forget to follow me on my social networks, I am very excited to be able to talk with you and help you in what I can as well as receive your comments to improve my columns.


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