Computer classes: prices?

Computer classes: prices?

If you are a student and you are good at it, you can propose private computer classes , such as computer initiation for the elderly or computer maintenance for people who do not want to bother with making copies of data, antivirus cleaning or Firewall protections in Internet.

Computer science master’s degree student , active computer scientist, professor of computer science at a university, the profiles of computer science teachers on the web are very varied, so not all have the same price for an hour of class.



The average cost of a computer initiation class is around € 16 per hour. Mathematics classes are the most requested by Superprof users, but computing is not far behind, it occupies 21st place among the more than 500 classes offered on the 100
% online platform .

The price of computer science classes also varies depending on the specialty taught: classes in office automation, Java programming, computer networks or cryptography , all subjects have a different cost, which also depends on the academic level of your teacher: student in master’s degree computer science, engineering or university student doing a thesis … Computer classes: prices?

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