The essential computer equipment for a computer class

The essential computer equipment for a computer class

The computer equipment must be carefully selected to ensure a minimum of tranquility and not spend more time at the computer store that in front of your screen. Superprof gives you the 5 key objects that you must have before your first computer science class …

1. A computer, of course!: The essential computer equipment for a computer class

The computer is the basis of everything. Desktop or laptop, with a Windows or iOS operating system for Apple, thousands of computers are available in stores and on the web.

If you are going to use it frequently to make photo / video montages , watch movies or do digital composition of pages (PAO, Indesign …), think about choosing a fast processor and installing (or installing / ordering) enough RAM memory so that your computer does not idle. There is nothing more irritating than having to wait 30 ‘in programming for the program to compile or for a video to crash due to a too slow processor.

Also, why not go to a computer scientist to advise you on the appropriate hardware configuration for your computer?

2. Keyboard and mouse: The essential computer equipment for a computer class

Indispensable for sending your orders, writing text, lines of code, the keyboard and the mouse may seem bland objects, but you have to choose them well too. There are models powered by the computer (USB socket) or without cable (Bluetooth, Wifi, radio waves), but they need batteries.

Cordless models have the advantage of giving greater freedom of movement, but the disadvantage of having to buy batteries, which are harmful to the environment.

Invest in an ergonomic mouse, with an integrated wheel and a mouse pad with a gel wrist rest, if you spend many hours in front of the screen writing with Visual Basic or any other programming language or if you make video montages.

3. A quality webcam: The essential computer equipment for a computer class

Online classes.
It may seem silly but investing in an ergonomic mouse will save you a lot of stress on your forearm.

Mandatory for your online classes, the webcam allows you to see and communicate with your teacher.

Choose a well-known brand, recommended by users on the sales pages. To follow computer science classes, it is an important investment because it directly affects the quality of your learning. If they don’t look good on you and you get burned, you have a mediocre sound quality, even if they give you the best classes in the world, it is of little use to you!

4. Systèmes d’exploitation: ios or Windows?

Windows or Apple?

PC or Mac?

A dilemma that has been debated for 10 years in computer forums! Both platforms are valid, although Apple is the most popular among all image and video professionals.

5. Invest in an office pack

Word, Excel, Powerpoint … are paid programs with an annual license on Microsoft’s website (if you are a student, you have a good discount), but there are also free programs , such as Open Office, developed by Apache.

Another must-have item, the printer! Although the numerical version is more “eco-friendly”, very few people are 100% satisfied. To print your classes, corrected exercises or review, nothing better than a good printed visual support!

A graphics tablet, what is it for?

If you do graphic design and / or work as a graphic artist, PAO illustrator or architect responsible for design, the graphics tablet is an interesting purchase. But you have to choose your model well, since prices range from € 40 to € 4000.

Of course, the Internet is essential,  to communicate with your teacher, do searches on the web or request your classes.

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