If your dream is to dedicate yourself to pastry and confectionery, you are probably wondering why these two terms are used and if they are synonymous or if they are used to differentiate between different disciplines.

What is the difference between pastry and pastry?

Although there are some technical differences between confectionery and pastry, it is common today that they are used interchangeably. Therefore, if you are looking for bakery and pastry courses or pastry courses , you may find trainings that use these names alike. Now, the history of pastry and pastry are not the same.

What is pastry? Origin of the term «pastry chef»

Confectionery originally referred to the conservation and care of some foods. The pastry chef was, therefore, the task of storing and preserving the provisions in a small pantry, specially designed for certain foods, such as pasta and sweets.

With the passage of time, pastries became the places where sweets and pastries were kept and they also became the place where they were made . Bakers then also acquired the capabilities to make pasta and sweets, as this word is applied today.


What is pastry? Origin of the term «pastry chef»

The origin of the term pastry shop dates back to the 15th century, when cooks specialized in the sweet side of food and began to create jobs specifically for making sweets.


Pastry and confectionery today: differences

As we have already mentioned, it is possible that in the gastronomy industry itself these terms are used interchangeably. However, there may also be subtle differences between baking and baking.

The confectionery, unlike the pastry shop , usually refers to the most artisan and traditional sweets : doughs and pastries, chocolates, confectionery, etc.

The pastry can be used to refer to a type of sweet processes more elaborate and less craft: for example, cakes, cupcakes, mousses or creams.

Cake shop


Cake shop

Pastry and pastry courses

The trade of pastry chef or pastry chef is in vogue. It is a job linked to crafts, with which you can unleash your creativity and respond to the demands of society.

Whether you are looking for courses to train you in the world of pastry or confectionery , in Maestralia you will find all kinds of courses in practically any discipline. Differences Between Pastry and Pastry