If you want to dedicate yourself to education and teaching , get a stable job and work with adolescents in their studies, the profession of teacher is for you. For this reason, you must prepare to pass the Education opposition tests that will provide you with a fixed and secure place in the Public Administration.


Education is a profession that requires a certain vocational dose. Teaching how to learn and transmitting key knowledge in the education of a person is an exciting, complicated, and at the same time very rewarding task.

What do I have to study to be a Secondary Education teacher?: Do you want to be a teacher of Secondary Education? Keys to preparing the oppositions

Unlike teachers of Primary Education, in Spain there is no specific degree or university degree in Secondary Education. To be able to teach ESO students you will have to obtain a degree in one of the specialties taught in the subjects, such as Mathematics, Language and Literature, Geography and History, Philosophy, Economics, etc., and then take the Master in Teacher Training for ESO, Baccalaureate, Professional Training and Language Teaching.

To work in the private sector it would be enough. But if you also want to work as a teacher in the Public Education sector , you will need to pass some teacher examinations that will grant you a fixed and permanent place.

Advantages of passing the Secondary Education teacher exams: Do you want to be a teacher of Secondary Education? Keys to preparing the oppositions

Belonging to the teaching bodies of the different Autonomous Communities is a way to have a guaranteed job and a fixed position as a “civil servant” or employee of the State.

You will be able to reconcile your personal and professional life perfectly , since the schedules are very similar to the school ones. With the exception of the preparation of the classes, the cloisters and teachers’ meetings or the correction of exams. But as a general rule, the hours include from Monday to Friday and you already know the school holidays , which will give you a great quality of life.

You will be able to work in one of the more than 10,000 centers around the entire Spanish territory where ESO is taught, either public or subsidized centers . Spain is one of the countries in Europe with the most schooling between the ages of 3 and 16.

Teacher exam requirements: Do you want to be a teacher of Secondary Education? Keys to preparing the oppositions

In the first place, and as a basic requirement, the candidate must possess the title of Master or the corresponding Degree title . Equivalent titles are Primary Education Teacher or EGB teacher.

In addition, opponents must meet the following requirements to be able to access the tests:

  • Be Spanish or from one of the countries of the European Union .
  • Be between 18 years old and have not reached the retirement age.
  • Not suffering from illness or being affected by physical or mental limitation incompatible with the performance of the functions.
  • Not having been separated, through disciplinary proceedings, from the service of any of the public administrations , nor being disqualified from the exercise of public functions.
  • Not be a career civil servant, trainee or pending the corresponding appointment as a career civil servant of the same body to which the call refers.
  • Accredit, where appropriate, knowledge of the co-official language of the calling Autonomous Community , in accordance with its regulations.

How are the exams for the teacher oppositions?

Each Autonomous Community will publish an independent call for the opposition tests to Teacher or Teacher of Secondary Education.

The opposition-competition system used is of an eliminatory nature.

The Opposition Phase

It is the first and consists of two fundamental tests:

  • First part: It will serve to assess the knowledge of the opponent about the teaching specialty to which he is presented. It is based on a practical test and the development of a topic chosen from 5 options granted by the Court.
  • Second part : In this case the pedagogical aptitude of the opponent is valued, as well as his teaching techniques. It consists of a presentation of a didactic program and the oral presentation of a didactic unit .

The Contest Phase

Once the first phase has been passed, we will proceed to the Contest Phase where a scale of merits of the applicant is established (previous teaching experience and academic training) and a qualification system where the arithmetic mean of all the scores obtained in each phase is calculated.

How to prepare for the Secondary Education exams?

The first thing you need is motivation and be sure that you want to take the opponent’s path. We must be frank and accept that studying for an opposition is not an easy path and will require your organization, perseverance, study capacity and commitment to achieve your goal: to get a permanent place in the public education sector .

Language and Literature (Secondary)


Language and Literature (Secondary)

It is possible to study the oppositions on your own, but this option has a series of “risks” such as that you have to understand the syllabus of the opposition on your own or that you have to plan perfectly to meet the study times.

Mathematics (Secondary Education)


Mathematics (Secondary Education)

A safer way and that will focus us on the success of passing our exams is to opt for a preparation course for exams in Secondary Education where we will make sure that we have updated syllabi to the regulations and call to which we present ourselves.

These courses offer mock exams , where we can practice our response time and test our knowledge as well as speaking practice .

The most interesting part of taking a course to prepare for the Secondary exams is to be able to solve doubts with an expert teacher in the field and with experience in exams, who will help us avoid study errors, will solve all our questions about the syllabus and it will prepare us as a true “coach” to pass the opposition tests successfully . Do you want to be a teacher of Secondary Education? Keys to preparing the oppositions