If you are looking to reorient your professional career or want to update yourself to the new demands of the job market, doing a programming bootcamp is a fast and efficient option to acquire all the programming skills you need to enter the technology sector.

What is a programming bootcamp?: What is a coding bootcamp and how can it help you develop your career?

coding bootcamp is a very intensive , hands- on course in which students can learn to code from scratch. It is aimed at both those who already have a programming base and those who wish to start their journey in the world of development.

This training initiative emerged a few years ago due to the great difficulty of companies to have qualified profiles for technological tasks in Silicon Valley. It is inspired by high intensity military training , applied to the company to train professionals in a more agile way than the university.

The design adapted to the needs of the market is more flexible than academic programs at universities, which is why bootcamps have revolutionized the training of professionals . It is no longer necessary to have a computer engineering to be able to program, but thanks to these intensive courses, professionals from other sectors have been recycled or even people who did not have a previous university degree have been trained.

Why do a programming bootcamp?: What is a coding bootcamp and how can it help you develop your career?

In the age of the internet, being self-taught is more than possible. There are a large number of courses, videos, ebooks and documentation to train without having to go to a center. But this requires an immense research, search and perseverance effort since you must organize your training yourself, without a professional who can guide you or solve your doubts.

There is so much information on the net that it is difficult to know which one is correct and it is necessary to obtain documentation from reliable sources, which is sometimes difficult. In addition, we will have to master English, because most of the programming documentation is in English.

This is why doing a bootcamp is a very successful solution, if we want to enter the world of programming efficiently. In a short period of time, although very intense , we will be able to master the basics and acquire a good programming base .

The agenda is created by professionals and we will have a “roadmap” to learn to master the language and type of programming that we are going to use. For example, most web programming bootcamps are oriented around the Javascript programming language.

We will do practical exercises all the time, to put into practice what we have learned in the classroom. They say that you learn programming by programming. 

The teachers will accompany us in our learning, correct our “bugs” and solve all our doubts. With a single objective: that you become a professional capable of entering the labor market and filling one of the thousands of positions offered by companies.

What am I going to learn in a programming bootcamp?: What is a coding bootcamp and how can it help you develop your career?

In a bootcamp you will learn to carry out a software, program or web project from scratch to production . That is, you will begin your training with the bases and fundamentals of programming that are common to all languages. You will learn to apply logical and structured code thinking .

Depending on the programming language you want to learn, you will create a project at the same time that you learn the basics of your language.

Coding Soon Bootcamp


Coding Soon Bootcamp

You will lay a solid foundation that will allow you to apply for a junior programmer position in the technology sector and then continue training through other courses and training, in addition to gaining experience.

What career opportunities will I have after doing a bootcamp?

The great demand for programming professionals by companies makes the technology sector a sector with practically non-existent unemployment. More and more companies, not only ICT, need to have qualified professionals to launch their web and software projects.

Betting on programming training is a sure ticket to a well-paid, valued job with great potential for growth.

Another advantage of doing a bootcamp is that you can quickly access the job market thanks to the network of partners or collaborating companies of most bootcamp schools in Spain.

Bootcamps have become a reality in our country and “titulitis” has given way to a new era where attitude , teamwork , basic knowledge and, above all, the desire to continue learning are highly valued .

The rise of coding bootcamp has been very beneficial for the productive needs of ICT and for people who want to reorient their professional career or recycle. What is a coding bootcamp and how can it help you develop your career?