Evaluate your sports performance to progress more and more

Evaluate your sports performance to progress more and more

Digital objects serve to better understand your body: Evaluate your sports performance to progress more and more

Knowing how to evaluate yourself and have a critical opinion is the best way to progress
Evaluate your performance to be able to give your best in training.
Every month you should take measurements: your arms, buttocks, hips … Since by eye it is very difficult to know if you have really progressed. Figures are never deceiving!
Your fitness trainer can help you measure your muscles well. You will realize with it if you have really lost weight or, on the contrary, you have gained muscle mass.
You can also take a picture of yourself. It is difficult to judge your appearance in front of a mirror since you cannot see your back or your buttocks correctly.
The solution is to ask your coach to take photos of the whole body.
You can also rely on the evaluation of your personal trainer . Your coach has an expert eye and knowledgeable enough to be a good judge.
Every two weeks you can do a little stress test.
Your coach can write down all your progress on a notepad so that you can tailor your sessions and your schedule.
Changing the sports program from time to time is a good way to progress.
This serves to modify the habits of your body and your muscles and varies your workouts.
To progress you can rely on applications and digital objects. Watches, headphones, smart shoes or even in sports classes at home with the phone.
Technology has managed to gain a foothold in the world of sports.

These digital objects allow you to:

measure your heart rate
know the number of calories you have burned
calculate the number of kilometers you have traveled
teach different exercises for bodybuilding, fitness or yoga
All these important data can be shared with your personal trainer. This can help you when adjusting your schedule.
For example to do more cardio or vice versa to reduce training sessions.

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