Everything you need to know to become an Arabic teacher

Everything you need to know to become an Arabic teacher

BlogLanguagesArabHow to Give Arabic Classes?: Everything you need to know to become an Arabic teacher

How to become an Arabic teacher?
What level do you need to have to become an Arabic teacher?
How to find students interested in your Arabic classes?
How to define the rate for a private Arabic lesson?
Are you a native of a country where Arabic is the official language?
If Arabic is your mother tongue, then why look for a job?
Yours may already be on track: teaching Arabic in Spain!
What is the level of studies required to become an Arabic teacher? Is it an officially regulated profession?
In this article, we reveal everything you need to know about this profession in order for you to be able to teach Arabic.

How to become an Arabic teacher?: Everything you need to know to become an Arabic teacher

When we have the literary bug and living languages ​​attract us, we think about teaching English, French, Spanish as a foreign language, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese or Russian.
But teach Arabic …
However, teaching Arabic is a very rich activity. Millennial language, 2,000 years old, this Semitic language is the mother tongue of more than 270 million individuals on Earth.
Arabic has been able to adapt to the course of the centuries and endure until our modern times.
Unfortunately, students have to start learning Arabic on their own in an Arabic language center or institution, since in Spain it is not a language that can be studied in school or institute.

The degrees in Arabic Studies at the university, the way to be able to teach Arabic classes?

Becoming an Arabic teacher requires a number of skills:
·                                  Master the language in all its aspects, formal and dialect
·                                  Listening
·                                  Be patient
·                                  Know how to adapt to students
·                                  Know how to transmit a learning method
·                                  Passion for knowledge transfer
· To                                  be endowed with good relational skills
· To                                  be in possession of an official diploma recognized by the State
· To                                  acquire a pedagogical faculty
·                                  Know stand firm
·                                  Be available
· To                                  be an organized person
If you want to be a teacher, the classic way will be to follow a university education in Arabic Philology.
Then, you will have to take the University Master’s Degree in Teaching in Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Professional Training and Language Teaching (what was formerly known as the CAP). Next, you will have to go through the dreaded oppositions. The latter, especially, in the event that your path is to teach an Arabic course at the university or in the Official Language Schools throughout Spain.
Another option is private classes. If you consider having the minimum level to teach Arabic, go to the private language centers in your city.
They may be looking for a teacher to further their language training.
An excellent formula under development for teaching Arabic is the dissemination of free classes online. Build your own learning method and program that you can share on YouTube.
In other words, create your own Arabic-language MOOC ! A great way if you want to give free Arabic classes.

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