What level do you need to have to become an Arabic teacher?

What level do you need to have to become an Arabic teacher?

In Spain, even to practice an unregulated profession, a diploma or degree is often required. It is somewhat informal, but the level of studies is something that the potential student takes into account when choosing their teacher
Arabic Philology along with the Doctorate, an essential requirement to teach the language of Islam at the university
Something you have to know is that it is possible to teach from the age of 18. However, it is considered that a private teacher must have at least three more years of higher education than his student. There are many ways to teach Arabic language classes .
Academic training is not abundant, and the demand for new teachers is negligible.

The teaching of Arabic in Spain is carried out: What level do you need to have to become an Arabic teacher?

·                                  During childhood or adolescence initiative of the student or parents of this
·                                  Associations or institutes Arabs
·                                  In schools official languages
·                                  In private language centers
·                                  By private classes at home
In order to become an Arabic language teacher, the formative curriculum can be quite long:
·                                  Four years to obtain the degree in Arabic Philology (after passing the baccalaureate and selectivity)
·                                  One year to pass the Master’s Degree in Teaching in Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, Professional Training and Language Teaching
·                                  Three to five years to complete the doctoral thesis
·                                  A year or two for the preparation of oppositions and their overcoming (depending on the calls)
During higher studies in the Arabic language, you will become practically bilingual in this language: intensive learning of grammar, written and oral expression, Arabic phonetics, knowledge of literature and civilization (Arabic culture and history ), of linguistics.
To be an Arabic language teacher on your own, you will not need a diploma, but it is necessary to justify an excellent command of the language and a pedagogical sense before the students.
Obviously, you will have to resort to pedagogy to teach your students the alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, to read and write in this rich and complicated language.
By the way, how are you going to fill your schedule with classes as a private teacher?

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