Facebook advertisers

Facebook advertisers

Facebook advertisers

Facebook advertisers
Facebook advertisers

The dynamical Facebook algorithmic rule will build it a challenge to attach organically with fans. however Facebook’s micro-targeting options permit you to achieve your actual audience. meaning Facebook ads will get your message ahead of the those that area unit presumably to need your product or services.

That’s nice for your budget, conversion rates, and come on investment. you simply pay to achieve the foremost valuable potential customers.

It’s necessary to grasp the various Facebook ad varieties and targeting choices before you dive in if you would like to urge the simplest results. during this guide, we’ll walk you thru everything you wish to understand, from coming up with your 1st ad to developing advanced campaign methods.

Table of contents

Facebook advertisers Types of Facebook ads

How to advertise on Facebook: a stepwise guide

Facebook ad specs

5 sensible tips for running Facebook ads

Facebook ad ideas

Bonus: transfer a free guide that teaches you the way to show Facebook traffic into sales in four straightforward steps mistreatment Hootsuite.

Facebook advertisers Types of Facebook ads

Facebook advertisers Image ads

These straightforward ads area unit a good thanks to start with Facebook advertising. you’ll be able to produce one with simply a couple of clicks by boosting Associate in Nursing existing post with a picture from your Facebook Page.

Image ads is also straightforward, however that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. for instance, you would possibly suppose socks area unit a fairly slow product, however Happy Socks puts them in stunning contexts to form fun Facebook exposure ads.

Facebook advertisers Video ads

Video ads will run in News Feed and Stories, or they’ll seem as in-stream ads in longer Facebook videos. Video ads will show your team or your product in action, like this fast demo video ad from we have a tendency to area unit Knitters.

Your video ads don’t ought to use recorded video footage. you’ll be able to conjointly produce GIF-like graphics or different animations to capture attention or make a case for your provide, like during this ad from the big apple Times.


Also notice the targeting on this ad: It specifically mentions a proposal for Europe (where I live). In my feed, I may see that of my friends already just like the NYT Facebook Page. This makes the copy extra-compelling.

Facebook advertisers Video poll ads

This mobile-only Facebook ad format incorporates Associate in Nursing interactive part with video polls. It’s a spic-and-span form of Facebook paid advertising, however Facebook’s early knowledge shows that these ads will increase whole awareness additional effectively than regular video ads.

Facebook advertisers Carousel ads

A carousel ad uses up to ten pictures or videos to showcase your product or service. you’ll be able to use this format to spotlight totally different edges of 1 product, variety of various product, or maybe use all the photos along to form one massive panorama image, like this:

Facebook advertisers Slideshow ads

Slideshow ads provide a simple thanks to produce short video ads from a group of still photos, text, or existing video clips. If you don’t have your own pictures, you’ll be able to opt for stock photos directly from Ads Manager.

Slideshow ads have obvious motion, a bit like videos, however use 5 times less information measure, so that they load well even for individuals on slow net connections. They’re a simple, low-impact thanks to draw attention.

Collection ads

These Facebook paid ads, that area unit offered just for mobile devices, permit you to showcase 5 product that customers will click to shop for.

Collection ads try with Instant Experiences (more on those below) to permit individuals to shop for your product while not ever deed Facebook. This makes on-line searching simple once individuals area unit on-the-go and will not have a good net affiliation.

Instant expertise ads

Instant expertise ads accustomed be referred to as Canvas. They’re a full-screen ad format that masses fifteen times quicker than a mobile web site outside of Facebook, like this instance from yank specific.

You can conjointly link to extra Instant Experiences thus individuals have access to even additional instant mobile content.

Lead ads

Lead ads area unit solely on the market for mobile devices as a result of they’re specifically designed to form it simple for individuals to relinquish you their contact data while not plenty of typewriting. They’re nice for assembling report subscriptions, sign language somebody up for an effort of your product, or otherwise permitting individuals to provoke additional data from you.

Tokyo Marine, Associate in Nursing insurance firm, used lead ads to come up with eleven,000 leads in precisely seventeen days. additionally to Associate in Nursing easy-to-complete lead kind, the ads used a courier larva to additional qualify potential new shoppers. The campaign reduced the value of lead assortment by sixty %.

Because these ads area unit such a good thanks to feed your sales funnel, we’ve got an entire guide to mistreatment Facebook lead ads that breaks down all the small print you wish to understand to form the foremost of this necessary form of Facebook drive.

Dynamic ads

Dynamic ads permit you to market targeted product to the purchasers presumably to have an interest in them.

For instance, if somebody has visited a product page or placed a product in their handcart on your web site, then again abandoned the acquisition, dynamic ads for that precise product can seem in their Facebook feed.

This reminds the potential client to complete the acquisition, and might be a really effective Facebook selling strategy.

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