The Huawei Days have kicked off and from May 24 to May 30, a lot of products of all kinds from the Chinese company enjoy interesting discounts of all kinds. 

One of the most interesting, especially if you are in love with sound, are the Huawei FreeBuds Pro, which have a discount of 50 euros that leave their final price at an attractive 121 euros by applying the discount code A25FBPRO and that for the benefits they have they are quite worth it. 

FreeBuds Pro

FreeBuds Pro: FreeBuds Pro, the noise-canceling headphones with powerful autonomy from Huawei, for 121 euros thanks to a discount code

These TWS headphones have active noise cancellation and wireless charging, in addition to a premium design and intelligent detection of ambient sounds to activate the ANC.

The first thing to highlight is its careful design, where you can see that Huawei has thrown the rest, since they have a beautiful aesthetic and that they comply with one of the basic sections of True Wireless headphones: they are extremely comfortable . You can wear them for hours and it may even give you the feeling that you forget you are wearing them. 

But where it is really relevant is inside. 

Outstanding noise cancellation, powerful autonomy, and mind-blowing fast charge – 15 minutes to fully charge

The first thing that stands out is an outstanding active noise cancellation of up to 40 dB and a high quality sound that will allow you to enjoy your favorite songs at an excellent quality level. 

To be exact, Huawei’s FreeBuds Pro more than delivers by having a very versatile high, low and mid spectrum that fits perfectly with any musical genre that comes to mind. 

It also highlights its refined gesture system that will allow you to completely forget about your mobile, since you can control any action with simple touches on the headphones and the finishing touch: it allows you to activate the virtual assistant to which you have paired the device . This means that if you have it connected to an iPhone, Siri will appear; if it is an Android, Google will do it; and so on with the whole range of available options. 

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Finally, highlight another of the strengths of these Huawei headphones: their powerful autonomy. Up to 4 hours of average use with more than 24 hours of combined use. This translates into more than two days of listening to music without going through the charger. 

And when it has to be done, it is not a problem: in just 7 minutes inside the box you have for 2 extra hours and only 15 to fully charge the device. 

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