Fysiki: an innovative online training method

Fysiki: an innovative online training method

Surely you already know the Weight Watches method to lose weight quickly, but have you heard of the Fysiki method ?
Can I Really Lose Belly Fat And Sculpt A Dream Body By Eating Right? The Fysiki method offers an online training program to anyone who wants to lose weight, build muscle or get fit with regular, comprehensive and motivating exercise at home.
Launched in 2011, the society did not expect this program to be so successful. However, this method is supported by many nutrition professionals, so the number of users who turn to it is only increasing exponentially.
With the aim of fighting against the sedentary lifestyle of the population, the eponymous start-up created an application called FizzUp that allows us to exercise regularly, wherever and whenever we want, with the simple help of our mobile phone!
According to Fysiki, a sports training at home of twenty minutes a day (bodybuilding, fitness exercises, etc.) is enough to quickly notice a certain physical transformation.

Don’t you like group classes? Try FizzUp!: Fysiki: an innovative online training method

FizzUp, the application developed by Fysiki, is a customized and progressive online personal training program: we advance in each session and the exercises are optimized according to our profile (age, height, weight, gender, objectives, availability and equipment that we have).
Eliminate toxins, follow an anti-cellulite treatment with exercise or lose weight naturally with FizzUp will help us gain confidence in ourselves.

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