Ideal weight calculation: the method

Ideal weight calculation: the method

So many people have suffered from the ineffectiveness of diets to lose weight easily , that today many other alternatives have been created.
One of the methods that includes a rapid (or relatively fast) weight loss is to calculate our ideal weight to know what Body Mass Index (BMI) we should achieve and then apply a sports program based on our morphology to get in shape.

Ideal weight is a term used to refer to the weight of a person with a body that is considered “normal”. This index corresponds to the BMI and should be between 18.5 and 25 kilograms per m².
This notion is, however, subjective and varies from one person to another. Take for example a young man who weighs 90 kilos and measures 1.85; Your BMI will indicate that you are overweight (26.3 kg per m 2 ). However, he may consider himself to be an ideal weight and feel perfectly comfortable in his body.
In the middle of sports training, we talk about ideal weight to refer to the average weight that a person in good physical condition should have .
Of course, this optimal body mass is not the same for everyone. We each have our own metabolism (faster or slower) and this depends on our height, our age, our sex, the circumference of our limbs, our bone mass, our muscle mass, etc.

Body mass index is a relative concept.: Ideal weight calculation: the method

There are three formulas to calculate our weight based on our height.
With these calculation tools we can try to achieve an adequate BMI and maintain good lifestyle habits: exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a balanced diet.

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