Good music to your ears during your workouts

Good music to your ears during your workouts

Music motivates you and makes you forget about the pain of the body

Music plays a very important role in our lives every day. We can see it on a day-to-day basis, hundreds of people on public transport are listening to music.
And the same thing happens in sports.
Athletes use music very often in their physical preparations.
Did you know that musical time and rhythm influence sports performance in a certain way? The more motivating the music you are listening to, the more motivated you will be to push your limits in training.
For example listening to music in a 10 km time trial is a very effective strategy to improve performance.
In a study carried out by the University of England with 20 athletes in their 20s who run the 400-meter sprint, researchers have brought to light the benefits of music on the performance of runners.
Two American researchers, in a study conducted in 1991, reinforced the hypothesis that softer and slower music improves endurance performance.
According to another study by the Americans Anshel and Marisi who have done on the bicycle, music that is synchronized favors resistance more than music that is not synchronized.
So in your sports sessions with your coach, don’t hesitate to put on music to motivate yourself.

Are you looking for a playlist for your training session ?: Good music to your ears during your workouts

Here we give you a short list of songs that you can play with headphones or in the background at home when you are training.
According to the Coach  Minceur page   :
Survivor’s “ Eye of the tiger ”
Michael Jackson’s ” Dirty Diana ”
” Intro ” by the XX
AC / DC ” Thunderstruck ”
Eminem’s ” Lose yourself ”
According to Grazia magazine   :
“Been Through The Storm”  by   Busta Rhymes
“Family Affair”  by Mary J. Blige
Nicki Minaj’s ”  Starships”
«  Where Are Ü Now  » by Skrillex and Diplo (feat. Justin Bieber)
Europe’s ”  The Final Countdown”

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