Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

With these tips you will generate more money, customers and users, I assure you

Before more than 2 billion active users each month, reaching the ideal people becomes an odyssey, however, when certain factors are clear, the task becomes more efficient and accurate.

I want to tell you that if you have failed campaigning I congratulate you, it is a sign that you are trying, who perseveres and does not give up is the one who wins.

Personally, I have failed more than I have won, but all this is learning and experience for me, because I never repeat the same mistakes and every time I run a campaign, it turns out better.

So cheer up, you’re doing well, don’t stop or stop experimenting, that the latter is the key to winning.

Use the ad manager: Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

Surely when you are browsing within your Facebook page on several occasions you are persuaded by the blue button that says ” promote publication” and ” with X amount you will reach more people”

With that you are wasting because this functionality only gives you a little bit of everything that you can squeeze out of the budget

With the ad manager or  business manager you have more reference to make a powerful campaign.

Perhaps when you open it for the first time you will see so many buttons that you will not know where to start, it is normal, but after a while of “itching” it is all clear.

Also, keep in mind that not all the functions are used in a campaign, everything is going according to the objective, so take a breath and read on.

My recommendation, before doing a Facebook Ads campaign is to take a couple of hours to learn how the platform works.

Using Facebook Ads without knowing the people is a guaranteed failure

Today we boast of being in a new era, of being more modernized every day and whatever you hear or see daily about digital marketing , however, we insist on continuing to apply sales techniques from the era of radio novels.

Do not continue applying the typical “buy me buy me I’m the best” as it is one of the main causes  of Facebook Ads campaigns being a failure.

The first thing is to generate empathy with the client , know their needs and from there offer them a solution not direct sales .

taca solution emotions and ones, so are the ones who want to know more about what you offer without seeing a seller of the last century. As described by Javo Martínez in this text.

Attract them, solve and they will buy  because they may not have the immediate need, but when they do, you will be an option in their head.

How much to invest in Facebook?: Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

Surely it is one of the top questions in Facebook groups , forums, etc. It has turned out to be a topic of discussion, but in the end solving it is easier than it seems:

How much to invest will be given by the results you get and accordingly you will know what is ideal to invest in a Facebook Ads campaign .

But how do you know? Here’s the golden trick: Do AB tests , allocate a budget to experiment with 2 or 4 different audiences for a couple of days, you don’t spend more than 10 dollars.

Based on your analysis, stay with the one that was the winner and if there were two, then put both into action. This way you will also have an estimate of your return on investment and you will not be investing at random.

When they ask you how much to invest in Facebook Ads campaigns , do not give the price that the friend or acquaintance has recommended, because not everyone works the same, better activate an AB test to have the precise data.

Copy works magic in campaigns: Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

The copy is powerful, when you englobas factors such as emotion, solution, results and call to action , poof! Your results can be dreamy.

I dare say that copy is one of the most important points to consider when creating a campaign .

Do you remember I told you not to focus on selling? Well, here you must write with the greatest possible ingenuity, seeking to activate the emotional part of people and that it is they through the CTA who want to know more about your product or service.

A good copy gives you the opportunity to take the conversation to a more personalized place like  inbox, mail or What’sApp.

This is where you can already have one more sales conversation, but yes, before giving the price make sure you generate empathy and that your product or service  solves what the customer is looking for , after that then if you give the price.

Personally, it took me a long time to understand and apply this, but in the end I understood it and indeed everything changed for the better.

Who solves wins: Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

It’s something that is so basic that I couldn’t help leaving it out, and I want to tell you a little more in detail about how it works:

The reality is that the more you help to dispel doubts, people will be more grateful to you and will be a reference for them as well as for their acquaintances, because they will recommend you.

Solving does not mean giving the secrets, it is leading them to have results and need your product even more . That’s when educational content pays off.

The expression “sell without selling” refers to this. If you are still applying the old techniques, better stay away from marketing.

Take a look at this article and see how to generate educational content that solves.

Age is an important factor: Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

Let’s face it, how many times have you run campaigns with wide age ranges? Sure you do, and it happened to me too. But you know what, it hardly works.

Answer something, does an 18-year-old think the same as a 65-year-old? Not true, so that leads us to think that in a Facebook Ads campaign , it will give us the same results. It’s crazy.

What we are doing is expanding the audience, but the objective is not being met. It is best to do an age division, it is more likely to get results that way.

He works with a difference of 5, 10 or 15 years maximum, for example, between 18-23 years, because their tastes, interests and others are similar.

Men and women think and express ourselves differently: Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

Why make an equal copy for men and women? By this I do not mean that there will be no results, but it is more likely that if you adapt the text in the language of each sex, the results will improve.

Remember something, gender evaluates all stimuli differently

  • Women have panoramic vision, we want everything more visual and beautiful
  • Men are looking for something more specific, without so much roll, that serves them and now
  • Women are of more roll (blah, blah, blah)
  • Men with a YES or NO are satisfied

Personally, when I launch campaigns, I do a campaign directed at men and another at women, my results are good, even down to the low cost.

When you personalize messages by gender, customers feel that they are being spoken to in a more direct way and the interaction increases.

Without realizing it, you are generating empathy and that is to the liking of people. If you don’t believe me, take a test and you will notice, go back to AB tests with three ads;  men, women and mixed. Measure the results, improve and replicate, you will see that you sell more.

Segment by likes and interests: Buyer Persona: Guide with 10 tricks to improve Facebook Ads campaigns

If your segmentation is very general, so will your results. Focus on knowing as much as you can your ideal client , investigate their tastes, interests , and everything that is part of their life. Once you have the information, apply it to your Facebook Ads campaigns .

More than simple, let’s go with an example:

Imagine that you will do a campaign for a basic finance course, and at the time of segmenting you put: Finance, personal finance, loans, financial option … and thus you continue with the suggestions that Facebook is giving you .

Let me tell you that what you just did, millions of people do, the only thing you achieve is to put your campaign to compete even with people in China.

On the other hand, if you already have full knowledge of ACI (Your Ideal Client Avatar), things get better, because then you could segment through their specific tastes and interests.

Imagine that you have already investigated it and it turns out that your target audience talks a lot about a book called rich dad poor dad , there you have it, something vital to segment, a book that they read in common, therefore, this also leads you to conclude that it is a follower of Robert Kiyosaki. If you launch an ad especially for them, your results will be much better.

This is called segmenting by tastes and interests of the Buyer Persona . So now you know, stop generalizing and start putting more specific likes and interests.

Schedule your campaign by hours

Imagine that your campaign is aimed at teachers, therefore, for the most part their work hours are from 8 to 2 in the afternoon approximately in the morning shift, so it is unlikely that they will have time to see their Facebook at that time, or if they do, it will be much less than when they are already free.

You would be spending the money, can you do something so that it does not happen? Of course, when campaigning there is an option that allows you to schedule by schedule. In this way, your spending will be reduced and the ad will be shown at the time that the public you are addressing can see it.

Keyword searches and long tails

Surely you are already realizing that running a campaign is not an easy task, since it is essential to take into account different factors so that it flows well.

Doing an analysis of keywords and long tails is one of the main tasks. Why do it? Because in this way you will realize how your BP ( Buyer Persona ) is looking for the information and what are the most searched words in the sector.

This is how you can correctly adapt your copy and have it 100% ready to win over your next client.

I recommend three tools with which you can do this work , Google, Google Trends, and the Adwords Keyword Planner.

Google : This works well for you to put the keyword or the long tail and it will give you different searches related to the topic, write them down and see which are those that are in the first searches so that in that way you can adapt the content you want to announce.

Google Trends : It makes a comparison by months, country and states of how people do their searches.

Here you can make a comparison of up to 5 words and see which one has the most searches and accordingly decide which ones to use.

Adwords Keywords : This tool works for you without the need for you to pay, only that the results it gives you are more general, but it still gives you a margin of reference in knowing what to put in the content.

After you search for a long word or phrases, it will throw you a lot of data, but the main thing you have to focus on is the following: Keyword, minimum searches and maximum searches , both organic and paid. In addition to allowing you to download those searches in an Excel.

And so you will realize how people search and why words are paid more to appear and give you an idea of ​​which ones you can compete with and which ones you cannot.

By combining these three tools, you can get your list of words to use to generate impressive copies aimed at the jugular.

Are Facebook Ads Campaigns the Answer?

Surely with what you have seen, you already have the answer and you have realized that a campaign by itself is nothing , it requires (as I said at the beginning) a clear and tailored strategy .

For this reason, when they tell you to run a campaign, think and analyze the answer you will give, because many believe that it is like preparing enchiladas when the reality is that it is about preparing a complete menu that attracts the “hungry” consumer.


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