Heal depression with a personal trainer

Heal depression with a personal trainer

Playing sports on a regular basis helps to secrete hormones of pleasure and well-being.

Why not do sports before destroying your stomach with chemicals?: Heal depression with a personal trainer

Sport makes us feel better : it  helps to regain self-confidence, improves motor skills, physical and mental health.
The organism is not made of an inert material, it needs to move!
In addition, sport affects the chemistry of the human body, it is like taking a powerful natural antidepressant, without harmful side effects.
Workouts with a personal trainer -jogging, yoga, fitness, body sculpt or Zumba, body step, Pilates, etc.-  release neurotransmitters -endorphins, dopamine, melatonin and serotonin- that help regulate emotions, well-being and good mood .
A depressed person has an insufficient amount of these hormones, so sports activity will help boost emotional balance in order to fight depression.
Personal training also acts as non-drug psychotherapy, since in addition to improving the client’s physical condition, it helps to overcome depression.
Why? Because sports activities relax muscle tissues, increase oxygen levels and establish a more effective positive cycle than antidepressants.

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