How can we know if we have a healthy diet?

How can we know if we have a healthy diet?

What are the risks of obesity?: How can we know if we have a healthy diet?

Before pushing young people into orthorexia or the obsession with eating, it is important to know or not you have a  .
Without conducting an exhaustive study on junk food or fast food, we know that these foods are rich in fats, salt and sugars and the body digests them poorly; so that:
Gain weight,
Arterial hypertension,
Poor blood circulation
With these concepts in mind, we cannot deny that food has a direct impact on our state of health and the general functioning of our body to achieve our well-being.
Tiredness, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease … A poor nutritional intake is the destroyer of your metabolism and sometimes you have to deal with it by reducing caloric intake or simply by eliminating the consumption of fats.

But how can we know if our diet is healthy or not?

Online quiz:
Pages like doctissimo are designed to offer different types of online quizzes to get a threadbare idea about your diet.
Mobile apps:
They are unavoidable today for all those who want to know the energy contribution of each product. Among the most outstanding we can find Come Bien, Noom Coach …

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